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Love it or List it.

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merlotgran Thu 03-Feb-22 10:25:26

I watch this programme because apart from nosing in other people's homes, I love the larky on screen chemistry between Kirstie and Phil.

There must be more than a few on Gransnet who, like me, could relate to the woman and her daughter featured last night.

The mother was grieving for her partner and couldn't bear the thought of leaving her beautiful cottage in Surrey but could understand why her daughter, who lived with her, felt it would be the best way to help her move on.

This dilemma has been discussed many times on here. In my case moving was definitely the right thing to do but I was willing her to stay in the beautiful home she had created.

Once Kirstie's alterations had been made (not sure I liked all of them) it was obvious she wouldn't budge. I felt she spoke for a lot of us who have grappled with the same dilemma.

PS.....I so want the gorgeous bathroom in that last house they featured. grin

JenniferEccles Thu 03-Feb-22 17:59:15

I love this programme! It’s amazing what can be achieved with even a relatively modest home improvement budget, and how much value can be added to property if the renovations and extension are done well.
I find it fascinating to see just what can be done but then it is a particular interest of mine as we have bought and renovated property over the years.

Josieann Thu 03-Feb-22 18:04:06

I enjoy the programme too. Houses, renovations, décor etc are all up my street. And Kirsty and Phil are good fun.
I think the producers like the programme to also have a human element to it, hence the back stories.

Auntieflo Fri 04-Feb-22 13:34:39

I do enjoy Love it or List it, with Kirsty and Phil. I want her to come and redesign my home, but couldn't put up with the mess. Perhaps we should move into the local Premier Inn?

Tina49 Fri 04-Feb-22 14:32:35

That was a particularly good episode of Love it or List it, wasn’t it? The mother was so characterful and had such an attractive manner, and the daughter was lovely. Kirstie and Phil seemed to really take to them too, and were very sympathetic to her needs. I guess she must get a lot of expert help, but I’m almost always impressed with Kirstie’s ideas. And yes, that last bathroom was amazing! I like the programme because (unlike Escape to the Country), you actually find out what the people do re their house situation (and they often revisit in later programmes)

Farzanah Fri 04-Feb-22 14:45:40

I enjoy watching this because I like seeing the ideas that Kirsty comes up with to improve homes, but have been quite surprised recently about how much it flipping costs.
Cynically I do wonder if participants don’t ever intend to move but think it’s a good way to get free advice and help with builders etc.
I can see how difficult it must be after a partner has died to leave a house where you have shared much of your life with so many memories.

TerriBull Fri 04-Feb-22 14:53:10

I did happen to watch the one you referred to Merlot, mainly because Great Bookham is not so many miles away from where I live. Also know the places that Phil had been sent to scout. I was moved by that lady, still very raw and emotional from the loss of her partner, her daughter came across as a great support to her mum and they clearly had a very nice mother and daughter relationship. Loved her cottage, particularly after it had been very aesthetically improved imo, I wouldn't have moved either especially after the work had been done, in spite of the more spacious "wow factor" house with the great views over the Surrey Hills.

I enjoyed the premise of the programme, I think I may watch it more often now.

eazybee Fri 04-Feb-22 17:14:28

I enjoy this programme but part of me wonders cynically if some of the participants want their house remodelled, say they 'love it' but secretly plan to sell it in a few months time, with 'redesigned by Kirstie Allsopp ' on the specifications adding extra value. No-one seems to be listing at the moment.

Smileless2012 Fri 04-Feb-22 17:17:53

I love it too. Some of the transformations are amazing and this weeks' certainly was.

I've wondered that too eazybee but when you look at how much it costs just to buy and sell, it does make sense that so may decide to stay.

Not sure if we went through that amount of upheaval, mess and expense I'd want to sell up.

Josieann Fri 04-Feb-22 17:52:32

To apply, you must be a home owner and have enough finance in place to fund the renovations of your property and any costs involved in selling your house, should you choose to list it. In exchange, Kirstie and Phil will provide you with all their expertise in the world of renovation and property searching.

grannylyn65 Fri 04-Feb-22 17:57:13

Yeah right!

Sparklefizz Fri 04-Feb-22 18:37:44

Yes, I like this programme better than Escape to the Country as it's more realistic. I also like Location Location Location.

Kirstie is just a name for the programme, I think. She is certainly not a trained architect or draughts woman able to come up with those plans. Phil knows his stuff though.

I could not go through all that massive upheaval with building work only to sell the place, although one or two do.

Re this week's, I thought Phil hit the nail on the head when he said that the daughter wouldn't be living with her mum for ever, which is true, so it was better for the mum to stay where she'd been settled for a long time.

Surrey was my home patch and I used to know Great Bookham so found it very interesting to see the properties Phil found.

Sparklefizz Fri 04-Feb-22 18:39:48

Phil Spencer was born in 1969 in Canterbury, Kent. ... His passion for property emerged when, after a stint working for an estate agent in Canterbury, he decided to head to University and sat a 4 year degree course in General Practice Surveying at London's Southbank University.

Lincslass Fri 04-Feb-22 20:21:40

One of my favourite programmes. Always like to see the end results, but also the stories behind them . The story last night was very emotional, but the transformation gave the lady a beautiful new home, but kept all her memories around her.

Coastpath Fri 04-Feb-22 20:25:48

This episode was my favourite this series. The lady and her daughter were lovely (loved the mum's green jumper in the opening scenes) and their cottage was so pretty before and after the work. I'm glad the lady stayed in her cottage, she seemed to love it so much and it really suited her.