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Cry Wolf Walter Presents C4

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seacliff Sun 06-Feb-22 13:50:08

I just watched this 8 part Danish drama with sub titles. It's very different from many of the Scandi thrillers.

It's about possible abuse in a family, and how their social services try to find out the truth. Bjarne Henriksen is good as the senior social worker, but the actress playing 14 year old Holly also gives a fantastic performance. Not a feel good film, but I found it really excellent.

Dottygran59 Sat 12-Feb-22 08:48:52

Hi Seacliff - I watched this too, and really enjoyed it - as you say, uncomfortable viewing in places but the acting was phenomenal.

seacliff Sat 12-Feb-22 08:57:16

Oh good Dotty, I'm glad you enjoyed it too. A lots of the Walter Presents programmes are excellent, if you can cope with subtitles. I am now watching another very different one, Dutch, called Swingers.

seacliff Sat 12-Feb-22 09:01:43

I meant to say that Cry Wolf is not about sexual abuse, but violence in the home, in what is, on the face of it, a happy family home.

BBbevan Sat 12-Feb-22 14:25:17

Yes we enjoyed it too. We give up on some Scandi stuff, ‘Swingers’ being one. Just finished watching ‘When the Dust Settles’, which was good but like a lot of Scandi films has an undertone of terrorism. Think my favourite is ‘Darkness, Those that kill’ though ‘Cry ‘Wolf ‘ is a pretty close second.

Jaxjacky Sat 12-Feb-22 15:03:28

The Promise, BBC4 this evening at 9 looks good, French with subtitles.

BBbevan Sun 13-Feb-22 13:28:15

Spiral was great and I think The Promise is y the same people. Will watch on iplayer later .

seacliff Mon 14-Feb-22 22:56:52

The Promise is good, thanks Jax.

Granmarderby10 Tue 15-Feb-22 13:25:57

Yes I thought cry wolf was excellent.