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The Queen - 70 Glorious Years.

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Calendargirl Sun 06-Feb-22 19:04:45

Just watched this, what an interesting programme. Not just about the Queen, but a look at how tines have changed over the last 70 years.


Calendargirl Sun 06-Feb-22 19:05:06

Times, not tines!

Jane71 Sun 06-Feb-22 19:36:32

Yes we enjoyed the program too.
She's been a wonderful figure of stability in a rapidly changing world. Whether that is a good thing I'm not sure.
She has such a lot of love and respect around the world, even from me who isn't a monarchist, and it'll be interesting to see how respect for the monarchy changes when Charles takes over.

TwiceAsNice Sun 06-Feb-22 22:06:28

I have recorded it so hope to enjoy it tomorrow. Glad it was good

Bellanonna Sun 06-Feb-22 22:25:48

Yes, I enjoyed it too.

welbeck Mon 07-Feb-22 02:42:27

what side was it on ?

denbylover Mon 07-Feb-22 03:54:06

Hope we get to see it here in NZ.

Calendargirl Mon 07-Feb-22 06:51:09


what side was it on ?


Tina49 Mon 07-Feb-22 07:01:50

Excellent trawl back through my lifetime! Very enjoyable