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No Return.

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Calendargirl Tue 08-Feb-22 11:10:10

The latest drama featuring Sheridan Smith, who is in lots at the moment.

Her usual role, this time as a rather gobby mother whose son has been arrested on holiday in Turkey for sexual assault on another lad.

4 episodes long.

paddyann54 Tue 08-Feb-22 11:38:13

Started watching but gave up,she seems to play such miserable people in every thing she does .I've got enough misery of my own just now so no thanks .

Doodledog Tue 08-Feb-22 11:48:00

I thought it was good, but am prepared for it to deteriorate by the last episode, as that seems to have been the pattern for dramas lately.

I thought it was an interesting premise, and taps into the fear we all have that something will happen to our children that leaves us unable to help them, and also the 'what if they did something unspeakable?' fear. I am interested to know if he's guilty, and whether he gets a fair trial. So far, I'm not sure that there's not a conspiracy to extort money from the family, but I may well change my mind in the next episode.

LauraNorderr Tue 08-Feb-22 11:54:20

It’s not doing much for the tourist industry in Turkey.

tanith Tue 08-Feb-22 12:04:23

I’ve tried to watch things she’s been in before but I find they never grab me so I shan’t bother with it

FannyCornforth Tue 08-Feb-22 12:14:14

She’s in far too much stuff.
So many out of work actors, and the same old faces

Charleygirl5 Tue 08-Feb-22 12:58:12

For once I was able to follow what was going on. I agree that Sheridan is in too much at present.

I will certainly watch it next week- I do have an "off" button if I do not enjoy it.

silverlining48 Tue 08-Feb-22 14:39:41

I decided to dump Chloe on bbc and give this a try. Just seeing sun sand and sea reminded how much I want a holiday. Enjoyed it and will continue with it if only to enjoy the lovely seaside views.

Sparklefizz Tue 08-Feb-22 17:05:51

I'm enjoying this. Sheridan Smith has cornered the roles in mothers full of angst.

silversurf Tue 08-Feb-22 18:43:57

I’ve given up on so many dramas recently. They either seem to be filmed in the dark, actors mumbling or so complicated you can’t make head or tail of them.
But I really enjoyed this, even though I found it rather harrowing.
I look forward to the remainder of the drama.

Josieann Tue 08-Feb-22 22:24:03

What a nightmare scenario for the mother particularly. I thought Sheridan Smith was credible the way she was desperately going from pillar to post to uncover the truth. Trying to extract information from young people is so difficult, and she portrayed those feelings of anguish very well.
You wouldn't get me going anywhere near Turkey after watching this.

BlueBelle Tue 08-Feb-22 22:43:55

Having grandkids now starting off on various travels round the world I didn’t think I d watch it Am I missing much ?

mokryna Tue 08-Feb-22 23:02:06

Personally if it had been me and my child, I would have phoned the British Embassy.
Before mobile phones my DD1, a translator, had really big problems, when she was working in another country. She phoned the British Embassy and less than an hour later a car from the embassy came for her and a day later she was flown to the UK.
I also would have phoned the 24 hour service of the travel companies head office or other lines of theirs and … well I wouldn’t have waited but then it’s a film.