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Titsfield Thunderbolt

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grannylyn65 Sun 13-Feb-22 20:54:19

What a heart warming comment 😂

Yammy Sun 13-Feb-22 20:47:05

My DH loves this film along with the Norman Wisdom films, they drive me mad and always have done. Though he laughs so much at them you end up laughing at him laughing. He once got a whole cinema in stitches when they had moaned at a film and he started laughing it is such an infectious laugh.grin

Redhead56 Sun 13-Feb-22 20:00:06

It’s one of our favourites my husband and I have watched it numerous times. The original little engine The Lion used in the film is actually in Liverpool museum.

Mamie Sun 13-Feb-22 18:07:38

A wonderful Ealing Comedy. We have all of them on DVD.

travelsafar Sun 13-Feb-22 17:36:33

Oops!!! 😆

Chestnut Sun 13-Feb-22 16:27:15

I thought you would say it was on Talking Pictures as they are always showing the old movies. Love your typo, they would never have released a movie with the word 'tits' in it back then! 🤣

MayBeMaw Sun 13-Feb-22 16:21:55

“The Titfield Thunderbolt” (no “s”)

travelsafar Sun 13-Feb-22 16:09:51

What a delightful little film. I knew of it but had never seen. It's set in the 40's or 50's and the story of a small village railway station being closed down. Lots of old stars in it too. On BBCiplayer smile