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My teenage diary…BBC Sounds

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MayBee70 Mon 14-Feb-22 15:05:34

After seeing the guy who makes this series on Celebrity Mastermind I thought I’d check it out. Annoyingly previous series aren’t on Sounds ( think they’re now on audible) but I was able to listen to the latest one which is with Debbie McGee(sp) and it’s hilarious. Can’t wait for the next one. I’m still so worried that when the. BBC loses it’s funding programmes like this will go.

lemsip Sun 06-Mar-22 10:49:47

Thank you for posting this MayBee70..........I have enjoyed listening to Debbie McGee diaries and will catch up with others. don't know how I missed your OP when first posted.

MayBee70 Sun 06-Mar-22 15:54:52

I listened to the fourth one in the series last night. It’s my go to ‘take my mind off world affairs ‘ programme. The Anneka Rice one is so funny, as is the guy who used to do ‘Cabin Crew’ ( I’ve forgotten his name). I literally cry with laughter listening to them.

MayBee70 Sun 06-Mar-22 15:56:57

….John Finnemore. I’ve loved him ever since he wrote an article in The Observer about otters, or badgers ( or both…).