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Franbern Wed 16-Feb-22 08:15:32

Anyone else here watch this Soap. I have for several years and do love it. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to go to a Practice like that at The Mill.
Thought that yesterdays episode (Tuesday), was one of the best half an hour I have ever seen on Tv. Almost carried totally by one person. Absolutely brilliant.

Beechnut Wed 16-Feb-22 08:27:22

I usually watch it. I missed yesterday’s so sounds like I will have to catch it on iPlayer.

Grandma70s Wed 16-Feb-22 08:28:02

I usually watch it because it’s on at a time I like to relax. It’s very variable. Some of the acting is poor, as is some of the dialogue. I do agree, though, that the episode you mention was brilliant. I was gripped.

maryrose54 Wed 16-Feb-22 08:30:51

I agree Franbern, yesterday's episode was brilliant. I was near to tears at one stage. Brilliant acting by Chris Walker as Rob Hollins. You could hear the tension in his voice. More like this please Doctors.

GagaJo Wed 16-Feb-22 08:33:49

I love Doctors. Came back from working a year and a half overseas last June and had loads to catch up on iPlayer. Lovely!

eazybee Wed 16-Feb-22 08:42:53

I record it and watch it daily if I can. I agree about yesterday's episode, superb. Some of the actors in the one-off stories are also excellent. Anybody spotted 'Louise-have you any sexual problems?' from Dear John as Al's mother?

sodapop Wed 16-Feb-22 09:03:27

I enjoy Doctors as well in the main. Some episodes have verged on the ridiculous though. Yesterday's episode was definitely one of the best.

grannysyb Wed 16-Feb-22 09:10:40

I worked as a part time GP receptionist for some years in the afternoons. As I was on my own I didn't have the time that the receptionists on here seem to have !

Urmstongran Wed 16-Feb-22 09:12:02

Never heard of it. But I shall watch yesterday’s episode on iPlayer later - now you’ve sold it to me as one of the best Franbern!

Marydoll Wed 16-Feb-22 09:13:02

I too enjoy it and injected on catch up. They do seem to have a lot of spare time! 😉

Marydoll Wed 16-Feb-22 09:28:58

I don't understand my own post!!🤣

karmalady Wed 16-Feb-22 09:33:42

brilliant yesterday, my heart was beating so fast. Wonderful acting

ninathenana Wed 16-Feb-22 09:40:07

I enjoy it on the whole but as has been said the plot of some episodes is cringeworthy. I think Sarah Moyle plays Valerie brilliantly, alhough the character is very annoying at times

Mapleleaf Wed 16-Feb-22 09:40:42

I sometimes watch it, but not religiously.

I have to say, I think it depends upon which writer has written the episode as to whether it’s any good or not. I’ve seen the occasional really good episode, that deals with some serious issues sensibly and fairly realistically, but I’ve seen (and switched off half way) some really ridiculous episodes, where it borders on farce.

I know this is a soap, a programme for entertainment, but in real life, there’s no way a surgery functions in the way that one does - is there anyone here on GN who can drop in on a doctor twice in one day without an appointment, and sometimes just for general chit chat? Does anyone know of a GP or receptionist who can have ridiculously long lunch hours pursuing some ridiculous notion of their own? No? Thought not 😂.

ninathenana Wed 16-Feb-22 09:41:26

Forgot to say, I agree yesterdays episode was brilliant

Mapleleaf Wed 16-Feb-22 10:26:15

Yes, I’ve just watched it - it was good. As I say, sometimes there’s a really well written (and acted) episode such as this one.

BridgetPark Wed 16-Feb-22 20:06:11

Doctors can be so hit and miss. I generally watch it for the locations, as it is filmed near where I live. I sometimes drive past where they film the exteriors of the surgery premises, with all the lights blazing. I have seen some of the actors occasionally in local shops also. I could not stand Mrs Tembe when she was in it, her exaggerated accent, her telling the doctors off, running the whole show after only a couple of years as part time dogsbody, farcical. But sometimes it hits a nerve and can be quite moving. Some of the actors do go on to do better stuff and quite high profile stuff also

Urmstongran Wed 16-Feb-22 21:37:31

Erm, no, not for me I’ve just watched Tuesdays episode. But my interest was piqued by this thread, thank you. I’d never watched it before (and won’t again) - ah well, there’s something for everyone on tv!

Cabbie21 Wed 16-Feb-22 22:29:53

I agree that yesterday’s episode was excellent. Rob Hollins at his best.
Many of them aren’t though.
When they focus on medical or ethical issues, they are well handled, but I really do not enjoy those which border on farce, or feature Zara’s snobby nonsense. As for Valerie’s wedding!

Ro60 Wed 16-Feb-22 22:49:39

Started watching in 2020 when I had Covid.
DD used to live near by & had pointed out the place. The park they used a while back I think is about 10 miles away near my other DD.
Since I now live over 100 miles away it's nice to see places I know.

Yesterday 's episode was good - nail-biting. The message I got was - never assume.
Was this written with social distancing in mind I wondered or were the rest of the cast not available.

Deedaa Fri 18-Feb-22 23:42:34

I started watching when GS1 was a baby and I've carried on ever since. I like the fact that it's a law unto itself. You get perfectly serious episodes dealing with the problems of various patients, episodes concerning the doctors' personal problems, suspense ones like Jimmi being kidnapped by the mad couple or the pathologist (I think) who was actually a murderer. Then there are the fantasy ones - the week when everyone was a Jane Austen character, Valerie's Alice in Wonderland one, and the brilliant adventure Al had based on "Whistle And I'll Come To You". It's quite different from other soaps.

silverlining48 Thu 03-Mar-22 11:23:44

I watched fir the first time yesterday on the back of this thread. Or Perhaos it was the day before ( losing track) but the one when the old lady was dead in bed and someone from the surgery was trapped in the bedroom with the body as the house was being robbed by two teenagers, additional farce provided by a woman leaflet distributor turned thief. It was truly bizarre, and quite ridiculous. Disappointing.

silverlining48 Thu 03-Mar-22 11:25:51

Or maybe that’s part of the charm, I may give it another try as spending a lot of sofa time awaiting a new hip.

eazybee Thu 03-Mar-22 15:24:09

I am enjoying the ongoing ructions about taking over the Sutton Vale practice. Do partners in a Medical Practice have this sort of autonomy, because they have certainly handled it very badly so far?
I worked for a headmaster who considered internal appointments to be in his gift, without consultation or interview; not resolved until the Unions, Governors and the LEA were called in. It would certainly explain the way my local Practice is being run at present.