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Borgen Series 4 Power and Glory Netflix

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CaravanSerai Mon 06-Jun-22 11:02:53

Has anyone else watched this yet? Released last Thursday 2 June. A timely reminder about a leader clinging to power for its own sake and damaging one's own party as a result.

Esspee Mon 06-Jun-22 13:03:23

It’s on? Thank you for alerting us. I loved Borgen and seemed to have run out of great quality programmes.

Rosalyn69 Mon 06-Jun-22 14:03:16

I watched a few episodes of series 1 but couldn’t get on with it.

Esspee Tue 07-Jun-22 14:56:20

We watched the first two episodes of Series 4 last night. It was splendid as usual.
If anyone is thinking of watching it you need to start at series 1.

Marilla Tue 07-Jun-22 18:19:51

I have always loved Bergen since the series started on BBC4.
But I am so disappointed with the actors voices being dubbed!
The quality is very poor. They even had a couple of Scottish accents! Much preferred the previous series with original language and subtitles.
Such a good story line, but had to give up due to the dubbing.

Marilla Tue 07-Jun-22 18:20:46

Apologies for typo! I’m sure I typed Borgen!

CaravanSerai Tue 07-Jun-22 18:33:32

I agree. If you haven't watched Borgen before then definitely start at series 1 to understand how all the different the relationships develop over time - when you get to series 4 re Birgitte, Katrine (and the TV 1 team), Bent and Laugesen.

The Danish language version with English subtitles is there on Netflix. Go to Settings and make sure you check Audio Danish original and English subtitles.

Farmor15 Tue 07-Jun-22 18:42:38

We've been watching it but disagree about needing to watch previous series first. I had watched some before, but OH hadn't, and doesn't seem to make a difference. I didn't know there was a dubbed version, we're watching with subtitles.
Excellent so far - 3 episodes in.

CaravanSerai Tue 07-Jun-22 19:16:39

Of course, it's not compulsory to watch from the beginning but when you get to series 4, I think it does helps to understand the long relationship between Birgitte and Katrine - from tough political interviewer to Birgitte's New Democrats campaign manager and then departmental head of news at TV 1 - and how she became involved with Lars Mikkelsen. It helps to understand why Birgitte's son Magnus hates Laugesen so much and how moderate Bent Sejrø, now in decine, was so influential in helping Birgitte shape her political beliefs and early career campaigns. She always sought his advice in troubled times.

Gin Tue 07-Jun-22 19:31:32

I love this programme but rarely use Netflix. Have watched two episodes but could not find out how to go to the subtitles version and find the dubbing rather stilted, I enjoy hearing the Danish language though do not always fully understand the plot with subtitles but on balance it gives a better atmosphere. I will try to find the subtitle version using the instructions given by CaravanSerai but my skills are limited!

CaravanSerai Tue 07-Jun-22 19:42:13

Gin. If you are watching on your TV you should just be able to tab down from where is says Play Season 1: Episode 1 (or wherever you are up to) to Audio & Subtitles and choose English. If you are watching on a computer or tablet you should see a square speech bubble at the bottom right of the screen where you can change your settings. I hope that helps.

Marilla Tue 07-Jun-22 22:13:37

Thank you for the tip about going to settings on Netflix to about subbing and with watch the subtitles instead.

Gin Fri 10-Jun-22 12:46:09

Thanks CaravanSerai, I managed to get it (with the help of my son who popped in!).

Oopsadaisy1 Fri 10-Jun-22 15:34:47

We’ve watched this from the first series and are sad that it’s now finished! Admittedly we binge watched series 4 (Power and Glory).

Excellent programme.

CaravanSerai Fri 10-Jun-22 17:02:16

I enjoyed Series 4 so much I've gone back to watch from Series 1. I'd forgotten Series 1 Episode 4 was all about Greenland. The Americans were using the Thule airbase to transit Afghani nationals detained illegally. A member of the Sirius military team went to Katrine as a whistleblower. The themes of the discussions Nyborg had then with the Prime Minister of Greenland reocccur in Series 4.