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travelsafar Sun 07-Aug-22 13:30:52

Anyone else watching this on Drama Saturday evenings. 9pm. My neighbour informed me about it and i found it on catch up so am slowly working through the episodes. Set in Germany when the Jews were being perscuted. The main character is a woman who works in the Brazilian embassy and issues visas. She is risking all to help Jews leave and go to Brazil. Throughly enjoying it, the clothes and make up, the decor of homes, the story line and the shots of German towns in those days.

Mine Sun 07-Aug-22 14:30:01

Sounds good TRAVELSAFAR...

Whst channel is it on???

Namsnanny Mon 08-Aug-22 01:43:34

I found it on UKTV play Mine smile

Redhead56 Mon 08-Aug-22 09:10:50

I watched it over a week ago really good and reading about the characters real life was interesting too.

merlotgran Mon 08-Aug-22 09:12:28

Can it be found on any of the Catchup channels?

luluaugust Mon 08-Aug-22 09:27:26

Yes travelsafar I am also working my way through it and thoroughly enjoying it, I have been recording it off of Drama.

Caleo Mon 08-Aug-22 10:58:18

She certainly is a Brazilian beauty!

FarNorth Mon 08-Aug-22 11:09:24

Thank you travelsafar. It sounds excellent and I'll look for it.

Aldom Mon 08-Aug-22 11:13:55

Sounds very interesting Travels. Please let us know the channel. smile

Namsnanny Mon 08-Aug-22 11:54:41


I found it on UKTV play Mine smile

See above merlotgran Aldom it's on Drama

travelsafar Mon 08-Aug-22 11:56:49

It is on DRAMA. Channel 130 if you are with Virginmedia.

merlotgran Mon 08-Aug-22 14:06:45

I had to download UKTV Play on to my Firestick to be able to get Drama Catch Up.

Looking forward to watching this.