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Amazon music app

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Airedale19 Sun 12-Mar-23 16:31:09

I have bought CDs from Amazon for many years, a few of which came with an auto rip facility. I have also bought many mp3 albums from Amazon.
Amazon has changed its app so that any auto rip downloads are now shuffled. That’s bad enough for pop albums, but I was fuming to find that Bruch's violin concerto has also been shuffled (FFS). Just a warning if auto rip influences any purchasing decisions. My only decision is not to buy from amazon any more.

Ailidh Sun 12-Mar-23 18:07:26

No only shuffled but intercalated with other "similar" tracks "you might like". It's dreadful.

If Amazon Music was free, then I could maybe tolerate it, but it's meant to be a part of the Prime package, for which I pay yearly.

I like to listen to a bit of music but not enough to take out an additional subscription, be it to Amazon or Spotify or whatever.

Airedale19 Mon 13-Mar-23 08:51:39

I also forgot to mention the ads which interspersed the shuffled tracks.

Sassanach512 Tue 14-Mar-23 19:32:01

It's a complete con. I pay for Amazon Prime which used to give me Amazon Music and I could play anything I wanted. I spent ages making playlists of tracks of my choosing but now, not only do I not get my playlist, if I ask for a particular artist singing a track, it will start off with that one song and then what they call 'shuffle' other tracks at random they think I'd like, usually I don't! Also, they only let you skip 6 songs you're not keen on before closing you down and encouraging you to buy their Amazon Unlimited which will give you any track or artist you want but at another £8.99 a month and I'm already paying £8.99 for Prime. I've seen lots of people complaining on social media about this total rip off and so many cancelling their subscription to Prime in protest but I doubt they'll change it back to how it was, it's sheer greed

JackyB Tue 14-Mar-23 22:36:37

Anyone tried listening to an opera on shuffle? angryangry

I have Amazon Prime, but I never think to use the music app. I find it complicated to navigate. I last tried it at Christmas with a playlist of Christmas music to tootle in the background, but I normally listen to podcasts, or a concert on Radio 3.

I have several unopened CDs on my shelf since I discovered that you could download the music as MP3 if you had paid for the CD.

lyleLyle Tue 14-Mar-23 22:51:20

I like Spotify better.