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Is Woman’s Hour too long?

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Delila Fri 17-Mar-23 11:13:54

Does anyone else miss the 15 minute drama serial that used to be tagged onto the end of Woman’s Hour? Now Woman’s Hour occupies the full hour, and I would gladly ditch the showbiz interviews, live music, etc., to have the drama slot reinstated.

MawtheMerrier Fri 17-Mar-23 11:50:42

No, if it is to be Woman's Hour that is entirely correct.
We already have one 15 minute "book/drama" slot at 9.45, a 15 minute "short" at the end of the World at One.
Not to say they are not good or interesting but I used to think it silly to have "Woman's Three Quarters of an Hour"

Delila Fri 17-Mar-23 11:55:26

I think there is a lot of padding in the programme now, to fill up the hour.

I enjoy the 15 minute book serialisations which, although often interesting, aren’t drama serials. Those are what I miss.

Delila Fri 17-Mar-23 11:58:12

Woman’s Hour used to be inclusive of the drama serial. That’s what you got for many years.

IrishDancing Mon 20-Mar-23 12:47:06

Never listen anymore, don’t like the presenters. Bring back Sue MacGregor!!

Oldbat1 Mon 20-Mar-23 12:50:44

Sadly not the same nowadays. I don’t listen often.

M0nica Mon 20-Mar-23 12:58:48