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A man called Otto

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JaneJudge Sun 26-Mar-23 14:55:22

I just thought I'd recommend it. It is well worth a watch. It such a powerful film about loss and life and how just ordinary, everyday people can make such a difference to other people's lives. I cried most of the way through it grin

does anyone have any other suggestions of newish films?

HowVeryDareYou2 Sun 26-Mar-23 15:01:43

We watched it a few weeks ago and enjoyed it.

Dottynan Sun 26-Mar-23 15:06:01

My husband and I went to see Allelujah with Jennifer Saunders.
We were really looking forward to it but were disappointed. Felt it was very slow and the story line was strange. Look forward to others opinion

GagaJo Sun 26-Mar-23 15:11:19

Loved 'Otto'. His sense of his wife being so close was touching.

Siope Sun 26-Mar-23 15:17:29

Loved Living. Enjoyed What’s love got to do
with it. Champions was nice enough, if a bit formulaic; it was great to see people with learning disabilities in a film, but I felt some of them were under-used.

Looking forward to Allelujah, Rye Lane and am obviously only going to see Dungeons & Dragons: Honor amongst Thieves to please the grandkids. Yep.

Kim19 Sun 26-Mar-23 15:27:45

Have to agree about Allelujah. Quite awful. From the title, superb cast and snippet cuttings I saw, I expected something light and jocular with the odd sad demise obviously. Depressing from start to finish with miniscule laughs.