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The Last Of Us

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Oreo Sun 26-Mar-23 21:39:18

Anyone watch this?
Have seen the whole series now and it’s seriously good the best futuristic dystopian series I’ve ever seen.So close in detail to the game too, amazing.
Great acting and dialogue and stunning special effects and sets.

LOUISA1523 Sun 26-Mar-23 21:41:32

Little Bella Ramsey from game of thrones and worst witch, all grown up

Oreo Sun 26-Mar-23 21:45:37

Yeah, she’s a good actress, very believable and a great main character in this.

kircubbin2000 Sun 26-Mar-23 21:53:54

Did anyone see her on Jonathan Ross last week?

Redhead56 Sun 26-Mar-23 22:04:36

I watched this and really enjoyed it very good acting. There is another series to follow but don’t know when it will be on our screens in uk.

lemsip Sun 26-Mar-23 22:29:34

Yes, I saw her on Jonathon Ross show, whatever was she wearing? strange.

Grannmarie Mon 27-Mar-23 00:23:05

I watched this because I had seen Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey ( not together) in GOT and thought they were worth a watch. TLOU grew on me, slowly. DDIL3 was familiar with the game it is based on, but it was all newcto me. I'll look forward to Season 2.

I'm a fan of dystopian drama, The Handmaid's Tale, Years and Years, just binge watched La Valla, The Wall , Spanish dystopian drama set in a post WWW3 and post virus Madrid, with a dividing wall between rich and poor. Very dark, atmospheric in places, references Spanish Civil War and Fascism. Strong ( real life) mother and daughter actors playing mother and twin daughters in the drama. Worth a watch if you like this genre.

dahlia Mon 27-Mar-23 19:30:12

My DH and I really enjoyed this, although we usually avoid sci-fi or dystopian story lines. We didn't know the actors at all, but found the moments of tenderness really moving (especially the episode about the two gay men) and the production quality very high. I know nothing about the game, needless to say - my game-playing began and ended with Space Invaders!

travelsafar Tue 28-Mar-23 21:21:57

I am giving this ago and must admitted its scary!!! They are in the museum trying to walk through in silence and can hear strange noises. I have my cushion at the ready!!! Lol🙈🙈🙈

VioletSky Tue 28-Mar-23 21:27:34

I haven't been able to watch it yet but I liked the game