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New Bake Off host announced.

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shysal Mon 27-Mar-23 13:44:56

I have just read that Alison Hammond is the new presenter, replacing Matt Lucas. She seems to be everywhere at the moment, but I like her. I think she will be funny but caring.
What do you think?

Calendargirl Mon 27-Mar-23 13:54:00

Haven’t watched it for a while, not since Matt Lucas was on.

Too much same old, same old.

Redhead56 Mon 27-Mar-23 13:59:16

I did initially watch it but it’s old hat now and I find the presenters irritating so give it a miss. I do however watch the celebrity stand up to cancer programmes.

Kim19 Mon 27-Mar-23 17:03:25

Don't dislike Alison; not at all but I do think she's in the danger zone of over exposure.

BlueBelle Mon 27-Mar-23 17:08:04

I don’t watch it as the cakes often look too much like Gertrude Shillings hats
I like Alison a lot but I agree with you Kim too much exposure can be a bad thing and she’s getting a lot
I really don’t like Matt Lucas s style

LadyGracie Mon 27-Mar-23 17:15:39

I gave up watching a while after Matt Lucas started, inane humour.
I won't be watching when Alison Hammond starts either, she's too loud.

Grantanow Mon 27-Mar-23 18:03:58

I could easily do without bake off programmes.

Kate1949 Mon 27-Mar-23 18:07:54

Yes I saw this last week. She's certainly getting plenty of work!

TerriBull Mon 27-Mar-23 18:41:15

I admit to liking Matt Lucas and Noel Fielding, not sure they were ever quite right for Bake Off but for me anyone other than Mel and Sue.

I don't watch any morning tv but remember Alison Hammond from years ago when she was a contestant in Big Brother. I always thought she was a likeable person, maybe a bit loud, but she has such a radiant winning smile and friendly personality she could be the right person for Bake Off, and I do like her Brummie accent so that's another plus.

Having said all that I think a lot of the tasks given on Bake Off are often quite stupid.