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Violence on TV

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grannyrebel7 Mon 27-Mar-23 21:23:12

Starting last night on Wild Isles (David Attenborough's new show) we saw animals fighting. Then on Great Expectations there was more fighting and swearing. I've just watched that harrowing ep of Corrie with the acid attack and am now watching Unforgotten with police with guns and shouting. And that was just in two nights! What's happened to all the nice gentle programmes or is this what people want to see these days? I loved the Larkins. That was perfect Sunday night viewing, but that's been cancelled as it wasn't popular. Is it just me?

travelsafar Mon 27-Mar-23 21:51:17

I agree. Most new dramas are based on violence so I d

travelsafar Mon 27-Mar-23 21:52:17

Sorry pressed the wrong key. Don't bother watching them.

BlueBelle Mon 27-Mar-23 22:20:27

Well life is violent and nature is violent soo don’t think it can be avoided in any true life programme or many dramas as always has been
If you travel back to Shakespearean times there are murders, betrayals, deaths and stabbings all over the place

Jaxjacky Mon 27-Mar-23 22:28:54

I agrée with BlueBelle. In the days of The Larkins there were many instances of violence, just not portrayed in that fictional world.

Callistemon21 Mon 27-Mar-23 23:30:16

I did say to DH that Wild Isles was red in tooth and claw!!

Animals have to eatand not all are herbivores. I must say the life cycle of the large blue butterfly was fascinating!

eazybee Tue 28-Mar-23 09:09:53

And in Shakespearean times as well as Revenge Tragedies there were public hangings, drawing and quartering, beheadings, amputations and brandings; do we wish for those?
The episode of Grace was particularly unpleasant with a bound child tipped down a chute above the harbour water ; the added violence in the opening of Great Expectations was entirely gratuitous.

Chestnut Tue 28-Mar-23 09:23:47

There has always been violence in the human and animal world, the question is do we want to endlessly watch it on TV? When we sit down for some relaxation do we want to see things we would never see in real life but which are the product of someone's sick imagination? Movies have produced some real horrors but now it seems TV are churning out nothing but dark series about serial killers. Or detectives investigating serial killers. I'm absolutely sick of them and have stopped watching them. I feel very sad that my grandchildren are growing up in a world where gratuitous sex, violence and gore are part of everyday entertainment.

Blondiescot Tue 28-Mar-23 09:29:25

I've always love reading about crime, serial killers etc and watching same. Doesn't make me a violent person - quite the opposite, in fact. Violence has always part of the human psyche - they had some very inventive methods of torture in medieval times, for example. And I seem to remember there's a fair bit of it in the bible too...

Dickens Tue 28-Mar-23 09:59:25

What concerns me is using violence simply as a 'draw' to attract more ratings - or, for example, in computer games, to extract more revenue.
Violence - as a necessary part of a documentary or drama production is a completely different matter.

Chestnut Tue 28-Mar-23 10:31:56

I've seen and enjoyed my fair share of dramas and documentaries about serial killers because the mind of a psychopath is always intriguing. But this is not something that comes up now and then. It's relentless, both dramas and documentaries are transmitted all the time, and hardly an evening goes by without violent murder, mostly of women, featured on TV. It's just too much.

Kim19 Tue 28-Mar-23 10:41:29

If you are currently trying to avoid violent programmes (as I am) may I recommend the Strictly Sicily programme currently circulating. A bit schmaltzy but otherwise a total joy and decidedly uplifting in both scenery and relationships. 👍

Chestnut Tue 28-Mar-23 11:06:08

Does anyone remember The Riff Raff Element from 1994? If only they were capable of making things like that today, clever and amusing with wonderful characters. Had relationship issues dealt with through humour and brilliant writing. It was not dark at all, had no violence or gore and I absolutely loved it.