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BigBertha1 Fri 04-Aug-23 06:54:49

We went to see this amazing film yesterday it was so moving and the acting is wonderful. Be warned that it is extremely loud all the way through. I found that at the critical moment I unexpectedly starting crying. Shook me profoundly. Well worth seeing but maybe on TV if you don't enjoy very loud music throughout a film.

TerriBull Fri 04-Aug-23 07:15:12

Also saw it yesterday, long, but I agree w well worth seeing. Wonderful acting, in particular Cillian Murphy and Robert Downey Jnr., award winning performances imo. Inevitably focused the mind on the horrors of the atomic bomb and the ramifications

Greyduster Fri 04-Aug-23 07:27:46

Yes it was a compelling film. The special effects and the big screen brought home the true horror of what the bomb could do. What you sow, that shall you reap.

Beau1958 Sat 05-Aug-23 12:17:55

Yes we saw it although about half way through I was getting a bit fed up with the dramatic music playing along with the speaking non stop. Bit heavy going in places but compelling.

balenca Tue 05-Dec-23 06:28:55

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balenca Tue 05-Dec-23 06:30:31

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RosiesMaw Tue 05-Dec-23 06:36:34