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White Nanny, Black Child 10pm tonight Ch 5.

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Primrose53 Tue 03-Oct-23 18:06:10

Will be recording this. Fascinating documentary featuring black adults who were “farmed” out to white foster parents in the UK. Mainly Nigerian and lots had student parents.

I’ve read a couple of books on this subject and one girl was sent here aged just a few months old to live with a lady old enough to be her Grandmother. She called her Nan and said she had the best childhood and felt totally loved. On the rare occasions her birth mother visited she used to hide in case she took her away from Nan. Nan loved her so much that even when the mother stopped sending payments she just carried on bringing her up and loving her.

I think she stayed until she was an adult despite her mother trying to take her back to Nigeria once or twice.

Should be interesting.

TerriBull Tue 03-Oct-23 18:28:35

I have such a friend, her parents came to England as students from Sierra Leone bringing her with them as a baby. My friend was fostered by a white couple who eventually adopted her, not before parents, having returned back to Africa came back to England when my friend was aged about ten and wanted to take her back with them. By then my friend was completely settled in England, it was pretty much all she knew, no memory of her natural parents and she kicked up merry hell when the natural parents tried to take her with them.

She married a friend of my husband who has since died, and he was the one who related all this. However, it's not something she brings up so I don't go there as I think it may be a sensitive subject. I know she regarded the white couple who adopted her as her parents and had a happy childhood with them she does mention that part of her life often and brothers and sisters, one black brother and a couple of white siblings too. I think they adopted other children.

I doubt whether this adoption would be allowed now.

BlueBelle Tue 03-Oct-23 18:47:55

I have a young friend who came from Sierra Leone and was fostered unfortunately her foster father abused her She’s a married woman now with almost adult children.