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The Indian Doctor

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Marydoll Mon 19-Oct-20 19:56:42

I just wondered if anyone was watching this gentle thread on BBC after the lunchtime news?
I've become addicted to it.

seacliff Mon 19-Oct-20 20:00:07

I am. I found it by accident, and am really enjoying it. Great music too.

Marydoll Mon 19-Oct-20 20:01:00

I also love the fashions. I too found it by accident, seacliff

sodapop Mon 19-Oct-20 20:04:09

This is its second outing but a very enjoyable series. There are often some nice relaxing series in this slot in the afternoon.

Hetty58 Mon 19-Oct-20 20:07:08

It's one of those simple, feel good, cosy series - ideal for the afternoon break. The trouble is, I fall asleep!

GrannyGravy13 Mon 19-Oct-20 20:07:37

Watched it several years ago, easy afternoon viewing.

Marydoll Mon 19-Oct-20 20:08:22

I think it was originally screen in 2013, but I never knew about it.

seacliff Mon 19-Oct-20 20:17:32

I have watched all three series recently. That is it now, sadly.

I love these easy going British programmes. I also very much enjoyed The Detectorists, an unlikely but excellent programme.

merlotgran Mon 19-Oct-20 21:04:40

It finished last week in my neck of East Anglia, Marydoll. I really enjoyed watching it again and just right for putting off doing any housework after lunch my feet up with a cuppa!

I loved re-watching Land Girls as well.

Knittynatter Mon 19-Oct-20 21:11:31

The smallpox story was very timely!
It was a fab little series.

JessK Mon 19-Oct-20 21:37:03

I watched this the first time around and have now watched it again. It is very good and timely to have on the TV now. I wish they would make another series.

Doodle Mon 19-Oct-20 21:44:48

I just discovered it recently. Just about to start on series 3. I love it. The music is good too and the clothes.

coastiepostie Mon 19-Oct-20 21:50:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

craftyone Wed 21-Oct-20 06:52:43

I loved it, I looked forward to it each afternoon, such a gentle drama series. Realistic too, how things were then in that place, not too far from my family home. I wish there were more drama series in that gentle mode

ayse Wed 21-Oct-20 08:04:55

I’m on Series 2 episode 3. What a wonderful series. I also wish there were more series like this. It has such a feel good factor.

There was an outbreak of smallpox in Wales in 1962 so it’s based in reality. As Knittynatter says it’s so timely. Thank goodness we are not facing this sort of epidemic. One strain of smallpox had a 30% mortality rate. No wonder we had isolation hospitals in the past. Noticeable too that masks and gowns were worn and there was a 6 feet apart mantra. Also the minister who wants to leave it it God’s hands. It has really got me thinking about our current crisis and current attitudes to medical advice etc. Well, enough of that!

Wonderful series. I wish there was more nostalgia on TV.

Parsley3 Wed 21-Oct-20 09:07:26

I have been watching this too. It is excellent and I now want to wear a sari. It is such an elegant garment.

Daddima Wed 21-Oct-20 10:13:43

I saw a couple of these many moons ago, and had forgotten all about it.

That’s the housework on hold for another day!

Glow Thu 22-Oct-20 01:20:00

Brilliant afternoon viewing
Sad its finished
It was the Welsh version of Heartbeat

NanKate Thu 22-Oct-20 08:00:41

Thanks for the intro to this lovely series Mary just my scene. 👍