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Julian Lennon “selling” his fathers memorabilia

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HannahLoisLuke Wed 26-Jan-22 14:20:09

Listening to late night radio 5live last night I heard the most preposterous story about Julian Lennon selling off his father's memorabilia, namely his black cape and cap worn in the film Help and the handwritten lyrics to Hey Jude. He was asking £40,000 for that. Only problem is that the buyer doesn’t get the actual items, just a digital token stating that you are the owner but Julian gets to keep them. The presenter asked if Julian was then able to sell them (the actual items) in future and the answer was yes he could, but you would still be the digital owner!
The emperor’s new clothes came to mind immediately and when the presenter asked listeners for their views they agreed. One lady said ‘ if I buy a chocolate cake I want to eat it, not watch somebody else do it’ but the best comment came from ‘John in Hackney’ who said “ thinking back fifty years was this what John Lennon meant when he wrote ‘Imagine no possessions’
I’m still gobsmacked that these sort of deals exist.
What do other GNs think?

Granniesunite Wed 26-Jan-22 14:28:33

I think he’s got a cheek and anyone who falls for this scam is a fool. Get yourself a picture of the cape it’s the same thing in my opinion.

Julian just wants money I’m surprised he’d use his fathers fans in this way.

LauraNorderr Wed 26-Jan-22 14:35:47

I have a very nice pair of boots, if anyone would like to own them digitally I’m open to offers.
Just taking them for a walk. Back later

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 26-Jan-22 14:39:19

Don’t they do this with paintings?

I imagine once my walls are full I could buy some digital ones?

Or not.

Sarnia Wed 26-Jan-22 14:44:25

I read a startling article a few weekends ago about Paris World. It is an offshoot of Roblox, an extremely popular computer world with around 40 million players. Paris Hilton is behind Paris World and has created an offshore island where you can visit her.....for a price. If the player wants to attend a star studded party crowded with celebrities then they can 'buy' a top end supercar to arrive in, 'buy' a designer dress to wear complete with accessories. The only snag is these don't exist in the real world. The player pays real money though in order to buy something that is only ever digital. The journalist writing the article spent over £3000 in a weekend in order to rub shoulders with Paris Hilton and her cronies except that she never met them in person, just watched Legolike figures on a screen. The only 'real' thing about it is that Paris Hilton's bank account is increasing by the day, thanks very much. Am I alone in thinking the world has gone completely crackers? Seriously, are there people out there who spend money for something that doesn't exist because they are celebrity mad. Beam me up, Scotty!

Callistemon21 Wed 26-Jan-22 14:51:07

Only problem is that the buyer doesn’t get the actual items, just a digital token stating that you are the owner but Julian gets to keep them.
I've decided to sell my house but I'm still going to keep it and live in it.
I will send the buyer a framed photo so he can look at it.


Callistemon21 Wed 26-Jan-22 14:51:35

ps and the new owner can pay the Council Tax and Water Rates!

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 26-Jan-22 14:52:02

How absurd. And obscene. A fool and his money …

Riverwalk Wed 26-Jan-22 14:58:59

I half listened to something on the radio a few months back - it seems there's a market for virtual art.

So someone buying the virtual rights to Lennon's handwritten lyrics isn't necessarily a fan or being ripped-off, it's could just be an investment. Who knew?

Nannee49 Wed 26-Jan-22 15:09:15

The concept is bonkers and I don't agree with it per se but I've always thought Julian Lennon had a really raw deal from his dad who, if the stories are to be believed, ignored him to the point of cruelty whilst being totally enamoured of his other son, Sean...didn't Paul McCartney write Hey Jude for him?
Julian Lennon was also, apparently, treated very unfairly regarding his dad's inheritance with, again, Sean being the favoured one.
I think, for all John Lennon's posturing about love and peace, he was a hypocrite and, in my book, not a very nice person to have treated his children so unequally.

crazyH Wed 26-Jan-22 15:19:23

Julian was treated unfairly. Sean was the favoured one, due to Yoko Ono’s influence.
So if he wishes to raise some money, I don’t blame him.

Smileless2012 Wed 26-Jan-22 15:25:55

LauraNorderrgrin. Is Julian going to release a new song 'Imagine you're the owner'?

Kate1949 Wed 26-Jan-22 15:34:56

Julian was indeed treated shabbily by John. Sean and Julian are very close now. Any bids for my picture of myself with the Beatles? You can own it but you can't have it.

Blossoming Wed 26-Jan-22 15:39:28

I agree Nannee49

I wonder if the buyer owns the digital rights to the images? I’m sure the right lawyer could make something out of that grin

Chestnut Wed 26-Jan-22 16:01:24

Julian is a beautiful person who cares for people, so he is not doing this out of greed, of that I am sure. He started the White Feather Foundation and a portion of this sale will go to that. I can understand why he wouldn't want to part with the items, but at the same time can share them in some way with Lennon fans. He has no children himself, so I am sure when he dies the proceeds of everything will probably go to charity. Here's the article:
Rolling Stone Article

GillT57 Wed 26-Jan-22 16:08:41

I raised awareness, including my own, about this a few weeks back with the article about people selling digital ownership of plimsolls trainers for hundreds, sometimes thousands of pounds. When I read about things like this, I feel very old.....

Riggie Thu 27-Jan-22 10:48:12


^Only problem is that the buyer doesn’t get the actual items, just a digital token stating that you are the owner but Julian gets to keep them.^
I've decided to sell my house but I'm still going to keep it and live in it.
I will send the buyer a framed photo so he can look at it.


I think thats called equity release, except I assume they don't have a photo to look at!!

Callistemon21 Thu 27-Jan-22 10:49:38



They won't even come to do the garden so I decided not to proceed!

Nannan2 Thu 27-Jan-22 10:51:33


Nannan2 Thu 27-Jan-22 10:56:52

What a scam!if hes selling them, then he should be prepared to bleeding well hand them over! The man must think we are
Insane! The old lady on the radio was hilarious! I wish id heard her!😂 A sale is a sale, meaning you then own what you bought- i can't believe the law is allowing this! 🤔🤨

Nannan2 Thu 27-Jan-22 11:01:15

Beautiful person or not- hes scamming folk who would normally expect that if you 'buy' an item, its then yours to keep- not his to hang on to however long he likes, or 'resell' if he feels like it.Has he thought of working to make money? Or does he have a 'virtual' job? His father would have been appalled at this.

Nannan2 Thu 27-Jan-22 11:05:45

Maybe he was treated differently for reasons we dont know.maybe he's self centred.who knows. I know i wouldn't be buying his digital fantasies anyway.

Nannee49 Thu 27-Jan-22 11:09:19

Is it a scam if the buyer fully understands and accepts the terms of the transaction?
I can't speak for either of them but personally I wouldn't be very much arsed about appalling a parent who very publicly and humiliatingly abandoned me.

Pepper59 Thu 27-Jan-22 11:10:32

Im surprised he feels the need to do this as I thought Julian had his own (fairly successful) career. John Lennon spent quite a bit of time with legal battles for residency to stay in the US, which does explain some of his estrangement with Julian. Ive never been sure as to what or who kept John from Julian otherwise. There is much we don't know about the situation. John was a troubled soul, with his own issues from childhood.

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 27-Jan-22 11:16:25

It’s not a scam because the buyers would know what they are and are not getting. That would have been made very clear. I can only say more fool them.