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Floradora9 Thu 30-Jun-22 11:46:54

I have got a month's trial of Acorn TV has anyone got any reccomendation as to what to watch ? They seem to have a few Agatha Christie films which we would enjoy. DH is not fit to travel to the cinema so I am looking for things to watch at night . I read that Brit Box have the old Tutti Fruitti with Robbie Coltraine and Emma Thomson . The drummer in this is an old friend from school which makes it interesting .

Littleannie Fri 01-Jul-22 16:16:26

I had the free trial of Acorn, but couldn't find anything I really wanted to watch. Britbox is far far better!

Edward47 Sat 02-Jul-22 11:07:58

You can also use the Watched app to watch your favorite shows for free.