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The Undeclared War

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Franbern Fri 01-Jul-22 15:41:50

Anyone watching this - Channel 4 - 9 pm on Thursdays. Set in just a couple of years time. #orget nuclear weapons, bombs, warships, guns, boots on the ground, tanks, etc. etc. = this is how future major wars will be fought, lost and won.

tanith Fri 01-Jul-22 15:59:13

I thought it was gripping. I was very confused until I twigged that they were showing in a very novel way how her mind was working. I might binge watch it if I can’t wait for the next episode.

CatsCatsCats Fri 01-Jul-22 16:13:25

I thought it was gripping, too. Much better than the Channel 4 drama on last week - Suspect?

Cyberwars indeed. Imagine where we'd be if we lost the Internet - doesn't bear thinking about.

eazybee Fri 01-Jul-22 17:34:25

I printed ot my e tickets to two forthcoming events, just in case.

Witzend Fri 01-Jul-22 17:35:23

I caught a bit of it, must find it on catch up. Thought it was very good.

Jane43 Mon 04-Jul-22 09:14:03

I watched all of this. I couldn’t follow the I T bits but it is a good drama, - very thought provoking and anything with Mark Rylance in the cast is usually very good. I agree it was head and shoulders above ‘Suspect’.

LadyGracie Mon 04-Jul-22 11:41:00

I enjoyed it thoroughly but was disappointed in the ending. Maybe just me.

Jane43 Mon 04-Jul-22 15:25:57


I enjoyed it thoroughly but was disappointed in the ending. Maybe just me.

I must admit I did wonder if there was another episode so it’s not just you.

Visgir1 Mon 04-Jul-22 19:31:01

There are more episodes to come..really good.
I think the other Student with all the coloured pens on his pocket, will play his part soon.

Ilovecheese Mon 04-Jul-22 19:34:04

Just me that has been achingly bored then.
I was looking forward to it, have been very dissapointed.

Jaxjacky Thu 07-Jul-22 17:08:51

Watched episode one last night, from last week, loved it. We’ll watch part two tonight.

mantaray Fri 08-Jul-22 12:06:07

Wonderful series. I love the way the action sequences showed how she was thinking because it helped me to understand what the IT sequences were telling us. My IT is pretty good, but I did need help to follow what's going on. I do actually think that you don't need a lot of IT knowledge to follow the gist of the plot. It would help if they didn't mumble. I have good hearing, but I find that actors mumble in a lot of dramas. I presume they are trying to achieve realistic everyday speech, but I think they are forgetting that TV dramas are aimed at an audience who need to hear what's going on.

tanith Fri 08-Jul-22 13:17:47

mantaray could you put sub-titles on.
I'm enjoying it

Iam64 Sat 09-Jul-22 20:40:06

I’ve watched to episode 3. Find it gripping and scary. I joined Facebook and this forum when I retired. I’m careful but aware probably not knowledgable enough. I wonder about leaving social media but it’s a good way to keep in touch with friends and chat

Jaxjacky Sat 09-Jul-22 21:26:03

We both enjoyed episode two as well, no problems here with diction mantaray?
It’s a very unique way of showing her analysis of the code, effective.

travelsafar Sat 09-Jul-22 21:26:56

I binge watched the 6 episodes on catch up. I was totally gripped by this series. I imagine what was happening is quite achievable in this day and age.

Franbern Sun 10-Jul-22 08:49:55

I refuse to binge watch this. Am thoroughly enjoying it, just confirms what I already knew without understanding. That future wars will not be fought with guns, etc. just through cyber attacks.

Loved the way her total boredom with what she was doing was shown with her bouncing that ball backwards and forwards in her mind.

I do keep revising how old she is supposed to be. She looks so very young, but is obviously in her third or fourth year at a Uni course, so probably supposed to be about 22 ish.