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Ziplok Sat 04-Feb-23 22:07:10

Just been reading that the BBC are cancelling Autumn Watch due to financial reasons. Such a shame. I enjoy both spring and winter watch, but also loved autumn watch. Seems that it doesn’t get the audience figures to make it viable. Such a shame, in my opinion. I’d much rather watch this than, for example, EastEnders or the many reality shows that the BBC seems to think we prefer.

Callistemon21 Sat 04-Feb-23 22:14:56

I'm sorry too.

Some of the programmes the BBC makes are utter rubbish and get much lower viewing figures.

However, I think Chris Packham wants to step back from TV work for a while.

Ziplok Sat 04-Feb-23 22:18:01

Before someone comes back to say that these nature programmes are reality programmes, - yes, I know that autumn watch is a “reality” programme but it’s reality in the true sense, not in the way some of these other programmes that profess to portray our reality, eg The Apprentice, The Traitors, etc.

Ziplok Sat 04-Feb-23 22:22:03

Why do you think that about Chris Packham, Callistemon? Do you think he’s becoming too political?
I quite like him, but I suppose you could argue that he has strong opinions. However, I think a lot of what he argues is very, very relevant, and we do need a strong voice to face some of our politicians.

Ziplok Sat 04-Feb-23 22:23:12

Oops, posted too quickly.. “ and hold them to account”.

Callistemon21 Sat 04-Feb-23 22:29:00

I like Chris Packham.

No, I read that he wants to step back. He is Spring etc Watch.
However, others could continue, I'm sure.

Ziplok Sat 04-Feb-23 22:32:03

I hope you don’t think I’m criticising you, Callistemon . I’m not, at all. I sometimes think texting/posting can be misconstrued, and reading my own post back, it might have seemed as if I was having a go at you, which I’m not. I’m just interested in your view. 😊

Ziplok Sat 04-Feb-23 22:33:44

Ah, I see, now. I’ve just quickly looked at your link. Yes, I agree, if he’s feeling burnt out, then he does need to take a break for his own well being.

Casdon Sat 04-Feb-23 22:37:56

I’m sure our Iolo could step up to the plate to replace Chris, it seems a real shame for the BBC to sacrifice Autumnwatch, which must be low budget compared with some of the other rubbish they show. They could start with The Wheel.

Callistemon21 Sat 04-Feb-23 22:53:44

No, that's ok, Ziplock 🙂

Yes, Iolo and Michaela
Gillian is good as is Chris's step-daughter Megan.

There must be others who would be good presenters but perhaps they are busy with their own projects.

NorthFace Sat 04-Feb-23 23:00:44

They could bring back Martin Hughes-Games.

Deedaa Sat 04-Feb-23 23:01:39

I used to love Spring/Autumn/Winterwatch Unplugged when they all sat around doing quizzes and answering questions. That disappeared in a previous round of cost cutting.

merlotgran Sat 04-Feb-23 23:05:44

I like The Wheel. 😊🤣

The Watches are getting a bit too Blue Peterish these days.

merlotgran Sat 04-Feb-23 23:07:51

Gillian is good as is Chris's step-daughter Megan.

What’s happened to Megan? I thought she was really good,

seadragon Sat 04-Feb-23 23:20:41


^Gillian is good as is Chris's step-daughter Megan.^

What’s happened to Megan? I thought she was really good,

Megan has been sighted at Longleat presenting alongside Ben Fogle and Kate Humble in the morning during School holidays. I think she's appeared here and there elsewhere too. I agree about Martin too, NorthFace. I think he was treated pretty shabbily although he and Chris could get a bit too silly together at times for my taste....

Callistemon21 Sat 04-Feb-23 23:33:52


I like The Wheel. 😊🤣

The Watches are getting a bit too Blue Peterish these days.


And you know who would be a turn-off for me 🙂

Callistemon21 Sat 04-Feb-23 23:34:32


They could bring back Martin Hughes-Games.

What happened to Martin?

NorthFace Sat 04-Feb-23 23:58:00

Hard to say for sure. This :

I do like the last paragraph, so if Chris has a say in who would replace him ...

Most recently, MHG presented C5's Summer On The Farm with Helen Skelton.

NorthFace Sun 05-Feb-23 00:03:17

I wouldn't complain about the return of Simon King either.

lixy Sun 05-Feb-23 03:50:31

That is sad news indeed; Autumn watch will be missed in our house too.

I'm another Packham fan - he became part of our lives when he presented The Really Wild Show. He has the ability to explain complicated things without 'dumbing down'. I wonder if he'll put his sculptures on display anywhere.

Franbern Sun 05-Feb-23 08:58:40

Maybe slightly off topic, but did anyone else see (What I thought) was a really great programme about the WaterHole in Africa. Chris Packham at his very best. Absolutely fascinating. Mind you, his fascination on creepy crawlies is notto my taste!!!!

ExperiencedNotOld Sun 05-Feb-23 10:27:50

As a.ifetime country dweller and married to a farmer, being involved in a true country life where animals are raised for human consumption and crops grown as part of supporting that, where game birds are raised in fair luxury, where deer have to be culled to stop disease and herd imbalance - and many other things, such as pest control, that urban dwellers try not to think about, I can say with all honesty that the countryside is cock-a-hoop to get rid of that arrogant shyster and his pedalling of his false narrative.

JaneJudge Sun 05-Feb-23 11:02:14

crikey grin I live rurally and quite like him, for balance

I am a bit concerned about the red kites though. In recent years there has been a population increase and they are really bullying the other birds especially the buzzards and they are HUGE

ParlorGames Sun 05-Feb-23 11:10:36

That's a real shame; look at all the money they waste on crap like EastEnders, they'd have plenty of cash in the pot for quality programmes if they got rid of the dross.

NorthFace Sun 05-Feb-23 11:16:29

The Countryside Alliance have long been out to discredit Packham as have vegan organisations. This this is what he says and what was reported by Vegan Marketing:

… Packham strives very hard to disassociate himself from so-called ‘animal rights extremists’. Whilst mulling over the Countryside Alliance’s accusations that he is an ‘animal rights extremist’, he admits that he doesn’t have any problems whatsoever with animals being killed – and that only those who ‘take pleasure’ in killing should be condemned:

Packham says: “To me, it has to have a psychopathic element, if you’re taking pleasure from killing things, just for that pleasure. If you’re going to eat it, if you’re culling an animal that is otherwise damaging the environment because it’s too abundant, I have no problem with killing animals.”

Packham’s belief that it’s OK to kill animals to eat puts him entirely at odds with the vast majority of the so-called ‘animal rights movement’.

He“only minds some forms of shooting: driven grouse shooting; woodcocks, which are on a very fast decline; hen harriers, which are a protected species”. He thinks that it's perfectly acceptable to kill an animal so long as it’s not a protected species, if the animal’s corpse is eaten, and to ‘control’ a supposedly over-populated species.

which is not what you seem to be claiming ENO.