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merlotgran Wed 15-Mar-23 19:38:31

Did anybody watch the two part documentary about her on channel 4?

I found it incredibly sad although I didn’t really like her during her TV presenting days as she came across as a self centred show off but the way her life fell apart after Michael Hutchence’s suicide showed her vulnerability during a truly dark time. Discovering Hughie Green was her biological father clearly tipped her over the edge.

I never could stand Hughie Green nor understand his popularity. To me he was right up there with Jimmy Savile on the cringeometer and that was well before we all knew the truth about Savile.

At least programmes like HIGNFY would never be allowed to indulge in cruel misogynistic humiliation these days. Ian Hislop’s behaviour was shameful.

Bridie22 Wed 15-Mar-23 19:48:02

Yes it was a sad watch, I used to enjoy her on the Tube, she was cheeky, fiesty and entertaining.

BlueBelle Wed 15-Mar-23 20:01:22

Yes I watched and yes it was very sad poor Tiger lily too she lost her dad then her mum then her half sister Peaches who she was very close to

Deedaa Wed 15-Mar-23 20:12:09

I didn't particularly like her on TV but hers is a sad story. Finding out that Hughie Green was your father would send anyone off the rails and, gorgeous as Michael Hutchence was he probably wasn't the best thing for her. The death of Peaches was such a tragedy, she seemed such a sweet girl and devoted to her baby.

JaneJudge Wed 15-Mar-23 20:12:38

Whether you liked her or not it paints a picture of misogyny and tragedy, manipulated by the press.

It is sad all round.

HeavenLeigh Wed 15-Mar-23 20:22:05

I also watched the Paula Yates documentary! I actually liked her and really enjoyed her on The Tube and on the Big Breakfast bed. Very funny lady and entertaining. Had lots of tragedy’s in her life. And finding out Hughie Green was her father must have been a big shock awful arrogant man

JaneJudge Wed 15-Mar-23 20:23:31

She loved her actual dad
Her mother was particularly cruel letting her go forward with the legal case wasn’t she?

Sarah75 Wed 15-Mar-23 21:25:20

When Peaches Geldof died, in 2014, she had two little baby boys - a 2 yr old and a 1 yr old. So very sad.

crazyH Wed 15-Mar-23 21:34:14

Oh dear, I missed it..

Urmstongran Wed 15-Mar-23 21:47:22

I watched it and found it heartbreaking in the way Paula was hounded by the Press. Apparently Princess Di bumped into her in a jewellery shop and said “I love it when you’re on the front pages it means I’m getting a day off”.

She seemed intelligent and almost reserved really by today’s standards. She wasn’t on my radar to be honest. I never watched The Big Breakfast. Her good friend who was interviewed seemed very loyal. That poor girl needed someone to lean into. Her mum was a piece of work and they were pretty much estranged with the friend asking on Paula’s behalf “did you ever sleep with Hughie Green?”.
Well that was a lie and as Paula said, “I’d never have submitted to a DNA test if my mother hadn’t have reassured me”.
So sad.

Caroline Flack came to mind for me. Very pretty, popular, effervescent, luminous. But the Press can be vicious.

We build them up and then tear them to pieces.

Kate1949 Wed 15-Mar-23 22:09:53

Yes it was very sad. We also watched the programme about Hughie Green who came across as a dreadful man.

Serendipity22 Wed 15-Mar-23 22:20:00

Yes I watched it, i remember her from The Tube and never really summed up an opinion of her then but after watching Monday and Tuesdays programme I saw a woman who was desperately needy, she seemed to be a lost soul who craved attention. I watched it and felt so very sorry for her, even more so when it was revealed that Huggie Green was her father. Very sad, she was a loving mum to her girls.

Bob Geldof goes up in my estimations for adopting Tiger Lilly.

BlueBelle Wed 15-Mar-23 22:29:30

I too watch the Hughie green docu and remember him although we only saw the fun side of him on his shows he seemed a nasty piece of goods in real life though

Allsorts Wed 15-Mar-23 22:45:18

I didn't like her style of interviewing, the over the top embarrassing flirting but she said she didn't need to do that once she fell in love with Michael, so much for Bob..She appeared a good mother and the treatment by the press was diabolical. Felt sorry for her really being hounded as she was. A very well read and articulate woman. It would send anyone over the top to have Hughe Green as a father, slimy.

Catterygirl Wed 15-Mar-23 23:27:04

I think it was Lorraine who said Paula was super intelligent. Could never see it myself. Found her boring and a bit tarty. Sorry fans. After those harsh comments I should add that I am so sorry her life was lost for no good reason. She didn’t deserve to die in such a horrible way. Bob Geldof must be strong to have coped with it all.

Catterygirl Wed 15-Mar-23 23:30:36

Hugie Green lived near me in Hadleigh, Essex. He had a large house called Joker’s Wild or so I was led to believe. Used to pass it daily but never saw him.

Kalu Wed 15-Mar-23 23:46:27

Paula Yates always came across as a lost little girl. To then find out Hughie Green was her real father must have been the last straw.

Hughie Green was a sleazy character. Friends and I were sitting in the foyer of the Hotel Metropole in Brighton when he walked through, propping up a very drunk young girl, heading for the lifts. She must have been the same age as ourselves then, 16/17.
Obnoxious man.

FannyCornforth Thu 16-Mar-23 01:29:26

I was a huge fan of Paula’s and I’m a bit of an expert on her.
And yes, she was extremely intelligent and an autodidact.

I read her autobiography around 30 years ago, and her childhood was really shocking (it was written long before the Hutchens and Hughie Green stuff)

I also vividly remember reading two long interviews in The Sunday Times magazine in 1996.
One was with Paula and the other with Bob.
She spoke constantly about him, and her never mentioned her once.
I remember discussing it with my mom, we were both shocked by the dynamics of their relationship. She was clearly devoted to Bob, and it wasn’t reciprocated.

When Michael died and she found out that Jess Yates wasn’t her biological father at almost the exact same time, someone (maybe eve her) said that all at once she’d lost her future and her past.
I really related to that at the time.

After her death, one of her so called friends wrote a book about Paula, Bob and Michael called ‘Everything you know is false’ and I think it’s the most shocking, sordid book I have ever read.

The whole story of Paula is just so deeply sad.
Rest in peace dear Paula thanks x

On a lighter note, one of my favourite Paula facts is that she had a cat called Rowdy (one for the Bonanza fans wink)

Calendargirl Thu 16-Mar-23 06:58:07

Think ‘Rowdy’ was from ‘Rawhide’, not ‘Bonanza’ Fanny.

Clint Eastwood’s character, Rowdy Yates.

FannyCornforth Thu 16-Mar-23 09:44:04

Thanks CG I’m certain that you’re right, I did think that it was Clint

nanna8 Thu 16-Mar-23 09:49:24

I liked her but I can’t say the same about Bob. Fake bloke.

merlotgran Thu 16-Mar-23 10:00:42

I remember Paula describing in an interview how, as an ardent groupie, she ‘literally threw herself’ at BG after ambushing him in Paris.

She knew how to get to a man through his ego.

Sad really.

NanaDana Thu 16-Mar-23 10:09:22

Not a fan, but found the documentary very sad, as she had some very tough breaks in life, not least of which was the way in which she found out that the horrendous Hughie Green was her biological father. He used to make me cringe, and I could never understand his popularity.

PerkyPiggy Thu 16-Mar-23 10:11:09

I found her a fascinating person to watch. I didn't like her interviewing style but there was just something about her which I found mesmerising. Since her death I have read quite a bit about her. She was a tortured soul. Even as a small child in the 1970s I couldn't stand Hughie Green. He gave me the creeps and I hated Opportunity Knocks. Rest in peace Paula. X

pascal30 Thu 16-Mar-23 10:14:57

She was a product of her time, and sadly the press and men in particular did not like intelligent,sassy, beautiful women. The way she was treated on 'Have I got news for you' exemplified that.. I think she was rather wonderful being so determined to try to juggle career and motherhood whilst being so unhappy within her marriage..then finding the strength to continue after finally finding love.. It was a tragedy waitingto happen