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Q&A with GBBO's Nadiya Hussain

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LucyGransnet (GNHQ) Mon 22-Aug-16 10:45:33

We're very excited to have the lovely Nadiya Hussain answering all your questions on baking, GBBO and her new book, Nadiya's Bake Me A Story.

Winner of the 2015 Great British Bake Off, Nadiya needs very little introduction after wowing us all with her fantastic bakes last year <remember the fizzy drink cake?!> Here's more about her new book...

Nadiya’s Bake Me a Story is the first children's book from the star of the UK’s most-watched and BAFTA-winning TV show of 2015, Great British Bake Off winner and nation's sweetheart, Nadiya Hussain.

This unique hybrid of storybook and cookbook contains recipes and stories devised and written by Nadiya herself. Nadiya's Bake Me a Story brings families into the kitchen to spend time sharing stories and cooking. Get messy making yummy bean patties, and while they are in the oven, curl up with the story of Jack and the Bean Pattiestalk, or read about Ruby-Red and the Three Bears and their Very Berry Muffins while you wait for your own to bake!

Like her bakes, Nadiya’s stories themselves all have a sprinkling of something original. We have The Princess and the Pea and Mint Risotto, or Sleepless Beauty, who is cursed to never sleep again, until she comes across a magical mug of hot chocolate with cardamom...

Nadiya's Bake Me A Story will be published on 8 September in hardback priced £14.99 by Hodder Children's Books, and we've got one signed copy to give away to someone who asks a question on the thread. Leave yours for Nadiya below by midday on 5 September.

baubles Mon 22-Aug-16 10:57:44

Hi Nadiya, what age group is your book aimed at? Loved watching you on GBBO.

tanith Mon 22-Aug-16 11:07:02

Hi Nadiya I am going to send your book to my little grandson who lives abroad as we don't see him often a signed copy would of course be a bonus,
I wondered if your whole family will be involved in your new tv show? Can't wait to watch.

Cleverblonde Mon 22-Aug-16 11:34:43

Hi Nadiya,

Great to see your continued success post Bake Off. Whats your favourite recipe to make with your children?

Grannyknot Mon 22-Aug-16 12:23:26

Hi Nadiya, you are very glamorous! smile Did you always like getting dressed up?

Teetime Mon 22-Aug-16 13:44:03

Nadiya when you were preparing for the show and practising the recipes di you find it cost a great deal of money and who did you get to eat all that cake?

rubysong Mon 22-Aug-16 18:22:51

How did you decide on the design of the cake you made for the Queen?

Jalima Mon 22-Aug-16 20:51:23

Nadiya I did enjoy watching you bake on GBBO, and particularly your wonderful facial expressions!!

DGS enjoys baking with mummy, but recipes have to be gluten-free in the main, as DD is coeliac.
Are there any gf recipes in your book? There was the occasional gf recipe on Bake Off, but not that many, and people who are coeliacs enjoy baking cakes with their DC and eating them too.

ps have you heard of banana flour? - apparently it doesn't taste of bananas!

mumofmadboys Mon 22-Aug-16 21:32:52

What is your all time favourite cake? Good luck with your book!

tinatulip78 Tue 23-Aug-16 07:37:53

Have you religiously made homemade birthday cakes for your children every year? if not, when and why?

Auntieflo Tue 23-Aug-16 08:16:57

Nadiya, I imagine that before all the 'hoo ha' created by winning Bake Off, that you were a private person. Now with your programme about India, what has all the subsequent publicity done to your home life?

LullyDully Tue 23-Aug-16 08:18:04

Well done with your well.deserved success. You have worked hard to conquer all your things that have held you back. I think you are a great role.model and possibly a new nations sweetheart. I would like to come to tea but will make do with your cupcake

Maggiemaybe Tue 23-Aug-16 15:50:30

Very well done on your Bake Off success and good luck with the new book. It sounds brilliant (cooking and stories together - inspired!).

I love Leeds, and have heard that you have moved from there now. Could I ask what you miss most from up here? For me it would be the arcades and Bundobust!

Angelwings Tue 23-Aug-16 16:28:19

Would love to win a copy by a very inspiring, positive author - lovely

hdh74 Tue 23-Aug-16 16:48:18

Well done on all your success, much deserved. What has been the best thing that has happened to you since GBBO?

duffel Tue 23-Aug-16 17:15:20

How do you look so fab in photos? I am so rubbish at posing for pictures!

marpau Tue 23-Aug-16 17:18:32

Which do you prefer baking sweet food or cooking savoury items?

cocochips Tue 23-Aug-16 18:05:50

Well done for winning GBBO. Would love to read your book and to try out some recipes

thebabysitter Tue 23-Aug-16 19:04:46

Well done Nadiya - you sure are sweet
Love watching you cook great things to eat
Congrats on your book - what a hit it will make
And fly off the shelves like a million hot cakes. xo

Cailin7 Tue 23-Aug-16 20:35:27

Well done on Bake Off and best of luck with your book.

Cherrytree59 Tue 23-Aug-16 21:34:06

Hello Nadiya congratulations on your new book. It sounds a lovely idea.

Do you cook anything special for your Grandparents?.
I bet they have a few favourite Nadia recipes!.
Did you have a favourite food that your grandparents or parents would cook when you were a child?
Do have a comfort food that you go to when you feel sad or missing home?

One last question
will your grandparents be checking out Grandsnet?
They will be very welcome

leiajulie Tue 23-Aug-16 22:50:19

this sounds like so much fun

Grannyknot Wed 24-Aug-16 10:04:20

Hi again, I have another question smile

And apologies in advance for asking a baker about sugar! But I have been reading an article in the Times Magazine where you write about making your own peanut butter, and you mention using agave syrup.

To impress my daughter-in-law Trying to do the right thing as a grandmother, I had bought agave syrup for baking but then a thread on these very forums put me right off it!

I have now bought a bottle of fruit syrup (from Lidl, made from apples, grapes and carob) which I hope will be the healthy option for sweetening.

Is it an ongoing battle with you as a mum and a baker of cakes to find healthy alternatives to sugar?

Greyduster Wed 24-Aug-16 14:04:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KatyK Wed 24-Aug-16 15:10:12

Hello Nadiya

This is a similar question to Auntieflo above. I am interested to know how your life has changed since winning Bake Off and would you say it has changed for the better. Also, are there any down sides to being famous?