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Cataract surgery

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JacquiG Thu 08-Nov-18 14:25:36

Hi fellow grans
Does anyone have useful hints / tips for managing cataract surgery?
Being very short sighted, I had a detached retina 35 years ago, and fully mended now, but have just been referred for cataract surgery. Am more than a bit apprehensive.
Very short sighted so how do I manage the need for a new lens in one side of specs while it heals, and until I get a new pair? Then the other needs doing.
We are lucky to have a state of the art vision centre up here, so am assured that all the tech and expertise will be there. 7 week wait, other done 6 weeks later.
Any reassurances, etc very welcome, and thank you in advance.

M0nica Thu 08-Nov-18 15:50:30

Jacqui I had very bad eyesight and have had cataracts and I got the optician to replace the prescription lens in my glasses with a blank lens before I had the operation. An alternative is simply to remove the lens and wear your glasses with one lens missing.

I assume that the surgeon will be replacing your current cataract lens with a prescription lens, which will make your eyesight so much better.

I was -9 and -6 in my L & R eyes respectively. I am now -2 and -1. I wear glasses for driving and any distance work, but currently about the house (like now) and just out and about I do not need to wear glasses.

The operation is a doddle, you do not feel anything, it is over quickly and the improvement is instant the moment the eye shield is off.

mcem Thu 08-Nov-18 16:50:55

I echo monica. Op itself I found less stressful than a filling at the dentist.
My surgeon suggested that if I could cope with being lopsided for a few weeks he'd do the second op asap. I took out the redundant lens in my latest specs (prescription lens fitted as replacement for clouded one) and it was fine.
Please ask if the discrepancy is really significant as then you might find they'll expedite the second op to 'even you up'.

Telly Thu 08-Nov-18 19:10:37

My husband had problems when one eye was done. We just started to kick up a fuss, when lo and behold they had a cancellation so he only waited a few weeks between ops. The op itself was nothing to worry about and he did get lots of advice and a phone number to call in case of problems.