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Perhaps time to get a bit more pro-active?

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Anne58 Wed 26-Feb-14 18:01:42

Evening all,

I saw a job listed recently via an agency that I'm registered with. They had not contacted me about it, so I contacted them to ask if they thought I might be a suitable candidate. They said that they thought it might be too far for me (8 miles???? confused ) I asked them to put me forward.

Now, as of today, no word, although I did email the agency for an update, but they said they had heard nothing so far.

I have a plan, not sure if it will work, but see what you think!

I have worked out which company it is, sooooo, tomorrow I think I might just put some smartish clothes on, a bit of make up and print off a suitable CV (I have umpteen versions! grin ) and a covering "on the off chance " sort of letter and just casually drop by!

(fed up with agencies doing sweet FA!)

jinglbellsfrocks Wed 26-Feb-14 18:05:07

Good idea! Good luck!

Anne58 Wed 26-Feb-14 18:07:50

Thanks Jings! I have been previously pro-active, in that I have contacted companies on spec, but in a way this seems a bit "naughty" (no wonder it appeals to you!) in that it is almost like going behind the agencies back!

Machiavelli, anyone? (innocent face)

jinglbellsfrocks Wed 26-Feb-14 18:11:26

Oh never mind about the agency. Needs must......

Soutra Wed 26-Feb-14 18:15:07

I agree - what do you have to lose? If the company can recruit without using the agency, they save themselves a fee anyway. Win-win. Good luck!

Galen Wed 26-Feb-14 18:17:21

I would think you're justified. They don't to seem to be doing much for their cut. Have you thought of approaching the civil service. Lousy pay but better than Nowt.

Nonu Wed 26-Feb-14 18:20:42

Bit slow here on uptake are you not working for the place you tried out for 3 days , with the crackers boss .
Been on holiday for a fortnight , so have missed out on what is happening ?
To PHO by the way .

whenim64 Wed 26-Feb-14 18:21:09

Good for you, Phoenix don't blame you!

mollie Wed 26-Feb-14 18:31:12

It can't hurt and it might make all the difference. Good luck to you! You deserve some success sunshine

merlotgran Wed 26-Feb-14 18:33:34

Phoenix, if they didn't actually tell you where it is and you worked it out for yourself you could always play the, 'I know nuuuuthing' card.

As soutra says, they could be saving themselves a fee. grin

Good Luck.

Mishap Wed 26-Feb-14 18:37:29

Just do it! The agency sound useless.

8 miles is a mere drop in the ocean where we are - and you too. If I wanted a job 8 miles from here, it would be in the middle of a field!!

JessM Wed 26-Feb-14 18:41:08

I think I posted recently - look on local company websites , Facebook pages, linked in etc. Or even call them.

Companies generally try to play fair with agencies e.g. if a CV comes through an agency they would expect to pay the fee. However if you happen to hear that there is a vacancy (e.g. by seeing an agency advertising and guessing the company) then there is absolutely no problem with contacting them directly. Sometimes I would put forward for interview a combination of:- people who have come through agencies, people that have seen the ad on the company website, people that have responded to a directly placed advert and a friend of an employee who has heard about the vacancy by word of mouth. The agents don't know who is being interviewed apart from their own candidates.

Anne58 Wed 26-Feb-14 19:05:58

No, Nonu , didn't work out, c'est la vie.

Nonu Wed 26-Feb-14 19:34:01

Thanks for update PHO , their loss , I would say !
The year is still young , keep plugging on !

Agus Wed 26-Feb-14 20:16:58

If you don't ask, you don't get Phoenix. The agency haven't actually told you where the job is so, 'what a coincidence ' maybe? Regardless, you are looking for a job, they are not! Good luck.

cathybee Wed 26-Feb-14 21:10:31

I like that Agus He who dares...Wins smile

cathybee Wed 26-Feb-14 21:15:40

I couldn't agree with you more Phoenix Re agencies!! i hate them.

That really is a good idea P and how great would it be if you got the job!!!

Please let us know how you get on!! and best of luck and well done for taking matters in your own hand, I know what that feels like to get to that stage.

sunseeker Wed 26-Feb-14 21:29:07

Don't worry about the agency - hopefully you will get the job and then the employer and the agency can fight it out between them, in the meantime you are employed!

Anne58 Wed 26-Feb-14 23:13:24

Right then! Just made a few adjustments to my cv, have done a first draft of a letter to go with it, will polish it up tomorrow, print it off and away we go!

Nothing to lose, and will make extra use of the petrol by popping in to the supermarket to pick up some smoked bacon and shallots that I need for tomorrows supper!

Multi tasking and eco conscious plus budget awareness, I will be almost weighed down by brownie points! (#halopolishing)

Agus Wed 26-Feb-14 23:22:55

Oh help, she'll expect us to call her St. Phoenix next grin

Good decision re letter. As you say, nothing to lose.

Anne58 Wed 26-Feb-14 23:30:32

That would be very unlikely Agus grin I still have a very healthy set of vices wink

Agus Wed 26-Feb-14 23:42:22

I did get that impression Phoenix but still reassuring to have it confirmed grin