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How to find the right volunteering

24 GrammyGrammy

Colleague taking advantage

34 oodles

My line manager puts me down

17 biglouis

Online volunteering..

9 boheminan

how to write a CV

3 wildswan16

How to get a job interview?

29 StarDreamer

Alternatives to calling yourself (semi) retired

29 biglouis

Anyone still working full-tine in their 60’s?

135 HowVeryDareYou

New job is really grinding me down

32 red1

New business - but what to call myself?!

31 ixion

Gave in my notice

19 62Granny

just a minimum £20 per week that is all

21 Ailsa43

Not happy

6 GrammyGrammy

Bit upset over work issues

58 biglouis

Odd Retirement Gift

57 GrumpyGran8


1 Medsec65

Nasty/ignorant colleague

84 LesLee7

Upset about work

18 welbeck

Stand at an antique centre

41 biglouis

Self Employed and working from home.

5 biglouis

I thought the Manageress of the charity shop was very rude to one of her staff!

32 Caleo

Opposition from others when launching new job or career

1 biglouis

Earning after taking pension

27 Nannarose

People you work with - colleagues or friends

15 Galaxy

Corporate "AWAY DAYS" aaaggghhhh

86 biglouis

Volunteering - claiming expenses.

54 Patsy70

Software developers - any of you out there?

43 teresavillasenor

Changing things!

9 Kim19

Help with dog walking- Holyhead area- Cinnamon Trust

3 silverlining48

How important is CRM for business?

39 Calendargirl

Love the job…hate the Manager..

22 GagaJo

Celebs and charity

17 CanadianGran

Told I am too old to find a new job

39 biglouis

Usurped at work by younger person

91 biglouis

Lurkers' week - what's the worst job you've ever had?

69 Luckylegs

Work Perks

49 NotTooOld

House share in Bristol.

9 ayse

Working over 70

3 biglouis

Ex social worker now lost

19 Neen

Revisiting my will

13 Neen

Should I retire early?

13 MayBeMaw

Occupational Health telephone appt

11 cornergran

Redundancy - huge discrepancy

2 NotSpaghetti

UK ends support for Fashion and Textile export by closing TAP scheme

4 Shinamae

Veteran kitchen and shop worker, NHS cleaner

25 Germanshepherdsmum

Interview for step up job- no confidence

31 valdali

Irritated with over helpful new colleague

8 BigBertha1

Resigning as Chair of Charitabke Organisation

6 Oopsadaisy1

Can’t decide whether to resign

39 ineedamum

Worried about retirement

58 Topcat77