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Making/sewing scrubs for NHS staff

3 Calendargirl

Helping out during the Covid-19 problem

4 Nonnie

Knowing your skills and interests

42 elania

Planning Your Retirement

7 sodapop

Retirement and loss of purpose

17 morethan2

Lurkers' week - what's the worst job you've ever had?

15 Auntieflo

Do you volunteer? If not, why not?

53 grannypiper

So called professionals and they way they talk about clients

38 annsixty

Lives of Women in the 1960s

1 MaddieClarkUCL2020

What could employers do to better support those aged over 50?

47 Doodledog

Corporate Gift Issues

19 samanta

Vounteering, what works well for you?

14 QuaintIrene

Are you an 'involved' volunteer?

15 sodapop

Software developers - any of you out there?

19 rosecarmel

Do have a cuppa vs bog off and make it yourself

130 Ealdemodor

Started volunteering post...but just not for me...

12 trisher

Light duties note

10 ExD1938

Leave job or not?

12 Hetty58

Job Agencies for older people

9 DillytheGardener

Making me ill

60 FeeReilly

When does it hit?

49 Mapleleaf

Anyone used a retirement coach?

16 Nortsat46

Does anybody volunteer/work in a charity shop?

18 NotTooOld

Recruiting volunteers, how do you do it?

10 sodapop

Considering being a volunteer...

76 emmasnan

Work at home

16 Mealybug

Taking the plunge into retirement

19 katie1


9 harry1960

What is the worst job you have ever had?

28 Greenfinch

Feeling sorry for myself

19 Daisymae

self employment ideas

18 Jane10

going onto half pay

13 Eglantine21

Too much support?

25 Evie64


31 EllanVannin

Looking for a change of lifestyle?

11 BradfordLass72

To give up work - making me ill!

43 Madgran77

New business - but what to call myself?!

7 Mitramonday

Read with children!

1 DoorstepLibrary

Kitchen Assistant - Dinner Lady

6 ILE35

Workers/Living/Retir ement France

2 mokryna

Agggh..asked to donate to niece running Marathon

51 Avor2

Time they made their mind up!

3 EllanVannin

Work Colleague

6 shandi6570

Read with children!

2 Luckygirl

Me again needing yet another dose of courage

49 ElaineRI55


7 GrannyIris5

How many jobs have you had?

79 NancyBennVA


5 kittylester

Animal Rescue Centre

10 Specs

Looking back to some of the jobs I has before this one!

8 starbird