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Revisiting my will

12 cornishpatsy

UK ends support for Fashion and Textile export by closing TAP scheme

4 Shinamae

Veteran kitchen and shop worker, NHS cleaner

25 Germanshepherdsmum

Interview for step up job- no confidence

31 valdali

New job is really grinding me down

19 NotTooOld

Irritated with over helpful new colleague

8 BigBertha1

Occupational Health telephone appt

3 tanith

Resigning as Chair of Charitabke Organisation

6 Oopsadaisy1

Can’t decide whether to resign

39 ineedamum

Should I retire early?

11 Sallywally1

Worried about retirement

58 Topcat77

Am I doing the right thing?

21 Poppyred

New beginnings for me

8 B9exchange

Redundancy - huge discrepancy

1 Dee1012

Work Perks

32 mokryna

Time for change ?

41 Frogsinmygarden

Usurped at work by younger person

88 GagaJo

Should she go back?

39 Thistlelass

Sidelined and forgotten

26 Kryptonite

Are there any skills you wish you could have acquired?

118 effalump

Extended probation period

6 Peasblossom

Lurkers' week - what's the worst job you've ever had?

49 Whingingmom

Work wants to replace me with younger person

122 soozieee

Working as you get older and coping facing redundancy

19 Jaxjacky

Working after retirement age

17 Chakotay

New business - but what to call myself?!

9 BettyQ

How to get a job interview?

18 M0nica

And another one bites the dust.....

62 M0nica

Is my employer playing games?


Work v Furlough

66 MissAdventure

Read with children!

2 Debbie2221

Head of Department (should probably be in the AIBU forum)

20 GagaJo

Retirement and loss of purpose

19 Ellianne

Work Colleague

7 elania

Have had a complete meltdown at work! [sad]

34 Evie64

Being asked to attend work when I can work from home?

5 oldgimmer1

Working from home

13 Lyndylou

Making/sewing scrubs for NHS staff

21 Madgran77

Helping out during the Covid-19 problem

4 Nonnie

Knowing your skills and interests

42 elania

Planning Your Retirement

7 sodapop

Do you volunteer? If not, why not?

53 grannypiper

So called professionals and they way they talk about clients

38 annsixty

Lives of Women in the 1960s

1 MaddieClarkUCL2020

What could employers do to better support those aged over 50?

47 Doodledog

Corporate Gift Issues

19 samanta

Vounteering, what works well for you?

14 QuaintIrene

Are you an 'involved' volunteer?

15 sodapop

Software developers - any of you out there?

19 rosecarmel

Do have a cuppa vs bog off and make it yourself

130 Ealdemodor