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Considering being a volunteer...

66 Avor2

Agggh..asked to donate to niece running Marathon

51 Avor2

Time they made their mind up!

3 EllanVannin

Work Colleague

6 shandi6570

Read with children!

2 Luckygirl

Me again needing yet another dose of courage

49 ElaineRI55


7 GrannyIris5

How many jobs have you had?

79 NancyBennVA


5 kittylester


25 Magsmoments

Animal Rescue Centre

10 Specs

Looking back to some of the jobs I has before this one!

8 starbird

To give up work - making me ill!

38 Harris27

Work in your late 50’s

57 oldgimmer1

Any care worker here?

10 Mic74

Tea Party for people wanting to volunteer

1 StaywellCharity

5 gold stars for Timpsons

8 Jalima1108

Volunteer- Read with children!

5 ninathenana


9 sodapop

Shift work at 60

17 oldbatty

Fuddle at work....

16 GrannyOrNanny

What is my sister in law entitled to now?

9 MissAdventure


37 ineedamum

Early Retirement

17 Wildrose24

Managing a narcissist subordinate

42 willa45

Looking for a Work From Home Job to do along side my Part Time Day Job

34 NannyGla

Looking for an After School Gran or Grandad and Need Advice

12 JenniferC

Retire then work part-time

7 Syd261

Working in retirment

2 OldMeg

Working from home

13 Marydoll

Volunteering at Books2Africa

4 BigH141

Volunteering with CAB

13 Melanieeastanglia

Alex Jones ( The One Show)

82 millarhandbags

Being undermined and sidelined at work

40 Emm14

Changing career in later life.

38 Notagranyet12

How important is CRM for business?

33 phoenix


28 Panache

'Working' from home

35 eazybee

Volunteering with Age Concern

11 Florabunda60

Vintage Volunteers

2 VintageVolunteers

How do older volunteers feel?

32 kittylester

employment help (long but need help)

7 nanny2507

Working passed retirement age

7 LuckyFour

Volunteering in Arun West Sussex

1 kimseex123


1 Teetime

Christmas Food Collection Volunteers Needed (30th Nov to 2nd December) UK-wide

1 FareShare

Leaving work, possibly without notice

44 MissAdventure

New short-term volunteering opportunity in London helping children learn to read from Beanstalk

6 Beanstalkcharity

Redundancy & benefits

11 Willow500

Feeling undervalued

27 pearl79