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Starting a disability support group

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DerekY Thu 09-Jul-15 15:08:46

I was made disabled 3 years ago when I had a stroke. It has took me till now to really get my head round the problems disabled people have getting around when your not housebound. Although there is the disability discrimination act 2010 I have noticed that I am unable to get access to a recreation ground. Dropped pavements at . Getting across to a country park because it blocked by a 40mph by pass (have you crossing on s scooter or a wheelchair). or by railway bridge. I have started a access group and have applied for funding. I am told that I may not get funding if I exclude councillors. Who I believe have left the situation that disabled are in locally. By then allowing them would be able to get a second opportunity for input and may give political involvement (also ex councillors). I think if that is so I will have to struggle on.

DerekY Wed 07-Oct-15 21:03:02

The support is reasonably well established in the parish and we are looking at spreading it in each Rotherham District, When you find out Rotherham MBC have not had a disability operator in post and you realise the problems it has created for disabled. eg A drop pavement which allows you to get to the central refuge but not one at the others side so you have to travel against the traffic doing 4mph over a blind hill and come head against a bus doing 30mph before you can get off the road.

Luckygirl Wed 07-Oct-15 21:54:01

Might be worth contacting these guys ( as they have been there and done that and may have some good support and advice to offer. Good luck with your efforts.

DerekY Fri 09-Oct-15 12:02:19

Thank you Luckygirl

DerekY Sun 15-Nov-15 08:58:57

So far I have made contact with RotherFed and Healthwatch, Rotherham access(but they are very slow to respond on the right things) But have had little support from individuals who are disabled in Rotherham who can start a group in there district.

kittylester Sun 15-Nov-15 10:07:55

My son had a stroke about 8 years ago (aged 35) and just writes and complains to anyone and everyone about inaccessibility. It often gets him a change for the better. For instance, when he went back to university to do an MA, he told informed them that a particular part of the campus was inaccessible and for the rest of his course he was consulted on any alterations they made and asked to tell them of any other parts that needed improvement. I think the powers that be fail to consult with disabled people and try and work it out for themselves

He would not want to join a group for disabled people as he feels that it isn't a defining part of him.

DerekY Sun 06-Dec-15 05:18:39

Like your comment Kitty but unfortunately to get things improved you have to get a number of like people. This is due to the fact government and community authorities will carry on think that they are doing enough to help disabled people , Enough to say when redundancies come around the disability officer was one of the first to go as in Rotherham 8 yrs ago. I tried to cross the road there were pavement droppings on one side and the central reservation but I could not get back on the pavement a the other side. Therefore I had to travel against the traffic travelling at 30mph over a blind hill and came face to face with a bus. Not a happy vision.
Most disabled and especially the older end make do and mend

Anniebach Sun 06-Dec-15 10:00:38

DerekY, perhaps look further than people with disabilities , we have a very active group in our town, started by one man who was severely disabled following a rugby accident. He started on his own and was joined by carers , they involved the people they were carers for. He stood for the town council too. Constantly wrote to the local press, wrote soooo many letters , he just didn't give up his fight , this brought admiration and support .

DerekY Fri 22-Jan-16 02:10:57

We have been running since June and have some reasonable response from Rotherham MBC at the moment we have got a list of about 3 pages.
Knowone really wants to help unless they are forced
Tammi Grey -Thompson no interest fobbed off by Lackies.
Kevin Barron Shows interest (I think) but does not want to step on toes
so does not get involved.
Rotherham MBC have took on board the problems but have not had a Disability Officer for 8 Years and it shows by the mistakes of getting rid of the officer and doing it in the department Shameful.
Immediatly puts it down to cash restraints.
Parish Council treat Disabled as though they are not responsible or like teenagers.
Local Radio Station quickly get you off air when you talk about disability not interesting enough.
You get more respect over your problems from the man in the street.
Asked several councillors in the Rotherham area to be a disability champion for no replies.

DerekY Thu 05-May-16 05:04:33

First problem nearly solved. Meeting with Rotherham MBC Monday to supervise and measure scooter up for a special gate to be put in to. Rother Valley Country Park.
Meeting with camera man to push article on the report developed on "No access to Aston cum Aughton and Area" For wheelchairs and scooters that was sent to RMBC, (finalised to 7 pages from 21 on mid term report to commissioner).
Meeting with Tennants and Residents association on 18th to drum up new members.
Got backing of UKIP candidate if he ever gets voted in today. Got to be getter than labour that I think have been in for donkey's years
Been on Radio Sheffield (what a joke).
Waiting to hear from "Living Streets that may get funding for improvements at the end of the month.
Had refusal from South Yorkshire police to have mobility scooters fitted with camera's in order to catch people blocking pavements. Probably think they have took a big enough hammering over the lasy week with Hillsbrough and Orgreave

DerekY Sat 28-May-16 16:50:53

Had an article published in the local weekly newspaper 2 weeks ago. Apart from the prospective UKIP candidate saying he would persue our cause if elected (he was). Nothing from the local ruling labour group even though I have contacted them 4 times then the radio and newspaper. Suddenly when they heard UKIP were involved interest blooms. Don't they make you sick politicions.

Synonymous Sat 28-May-16 17:07:47

All power to your elbow Derek! You clearly have more energy than many of us who 'would if they could but just can't'. Sadly it is easier to target and/or ignore people who are unable to fight their corner. Will be very interested to hear how it goes.

DerekY Mon 30-May-16 08:42:42

That is why we have been ignored. One of the carers said that she had not known anyone give them so much stick. All you have to carry on when you were working and not go into your shell like they expect

TriciaF Mon 30-May-16 16:47:25

I admire your persistence Derek. Progress at last!
Just an idea - have you been in contact with a special school or organisation for disabled children? In my experience the parents are very active in fighting for extension of provision for the disabled, and seem to find it easier to get public support. You might get some allies there.

DerekY Wed 01-Jun-16 10:53:04

I have a contact at the other side of RotherhamI contact through my eldest partner who works as a school assistant who is training as a teacher. I will ask her but I doubt if she will want to risk her position there.

DerekY Fri 03-Jun-16 05:03:23

We have now achieved with Rotherham MBC access to Rother Valley country park. The access road to then entry point still needs work to be done by them. But with care it is a start.