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Need advice on cleaning mirrors.

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Narta Mon 15-Aug-22 16:52:05

How do you clean mirrors? Can this be done quickly and efficiently?

GrannyGravy13 Mon 15-Aug-22 16:54:40

I use Method Glass cleaner with kitchen roll, never had a problem

Aldom Mon 15-Aug-22 16:56:05

I recommend Method Glass Cleaner. Use it with a non fluffy cloth. I find it is quick and smear free on windows and mirrors.

Aldom Mon 15-Aug-22 16:56:56

GG crossed posts. grin

M0nica Mon 15-Aug-22 16:56:58

I also use glass cleaner, and a Kitchen roll, again, never had a problem.

lixy Mon 15-Aug-22 17:05:30

Spray of Pledge multi-surface on mirrors and glass doors throughout the house, buffed with a microfibre cloth.
Not the most environmentally aware method, but the way I've done it for years!

toscalily Mon 15-Aug-22 17:05:35

I'm another one who uses Method and kitchen roll.

M0nica Mon 15-Aug-22 17:17:45

Narta I am puzzled why you need advice on this matter. is there something hidden in the question that we are all missing, or how is it that you have never seen any mention of glass cleaning anywhere before?

RichmondPark1 Mon 15-Aug-22 17:19:01

I clean mine with a damp cloth dipped in warm water and white vinegar and dry/polish them after with a soft, old linen tea towel. We have mirrored wardrobe doors that get covered with hand prints (and dog's nose prints) and it brings them up a treat.

AreWeThereYet Mon 15-Aug-22 17:19:18

I use glass cleaner and a glass cloth, seems to work.

AreWeThereYet Mon 15-Aug-22 17:22:04

I used to use vinegar (and vodka, at one point, then I ran out) but read that it can corrode the silver backing to the mirror if it seeps under the glass.

miami Mon 15-Aug-22 19:11:14

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MissAdventure Mon 15-Aug-22 19:12:18

Ah, I see.

LadyGracie Mon 15-Aug-22 21:14:05

Damp cotton cloth.

Sago Mon 15-Aug-22 21:22:44

Use hot soapy water to remove the residue from previous cleaners.
Dry with a lint free cloth.
Now just use diluted white vinegar in a spray..

midgey Mon 15-Aug-22 21:24:29

Clever though…..still not clicking the link.

Soroptimum Mon 15-Aug-22 21:49:09

I never use ant ‘product’. Just glass/mirror e cloths. Wet the first cloth with just water, dry off with the second. Sparkling!

MerylStreep Mon 15-Aug-22 21:55:16

how do you clean mirrors with my hands. Hope that helps, not!!!!

Sago Mon 15-Aug-22 23:53:00

No link clicking!
Nice try though!

Mapleleaf Thu 25-Aug-22 19:30:21

Strange place to post about how to clean mirrors - the work/volunteering forum. I suppose cleaning mirrors could be classed as work though! ??

emmasnan Thu 25-Aug-22 20:03:42

white vinegar and water in a spray bottle and an ecloth.

Patsy70 Thu 25-Aug-22 20:15:40

I’m with lixy.