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Volunteer/Director ??

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Kateykrunch Fri 04-Nov-22 13:47:19

I have contacted a local group about their volunteer opportunities and asked for further info. The ad states they are looking for volunteers and volunteer directors. I have received an email from them today asking for relevant info regarding me and reiterating the director thing. Thought I might find out from any of you who may be able to explain why they might want directors. Thanks in ant.

Glorianny Fri 04-Nov-22 13:51:02

Kateykrunch Googled it It seems to be the same as a trustee but for a non-profit making organisation,than%20a%20board%20of%20directors.

NotSpaghetti Fri 04-Nov-22 14:01:58

I have been a director of a company which has charity status some years ago. I needed to understand the role of both director and trustee and tge responsibilities and liabilities of both as a charity trustee and also as a director. There were implications in both company law and charity law.

I was responsible (with others) for decision making so needed to be fully involved becsuse as a trustee I was personally liable if stupid decisions were taken.

I'd be certain what they are looking for and want to see them properly in action before I agreed to do either job.
I'm not sure that directors are personally liable though.

NotSpaghetti Fri 04-Nov-22 14:03:44

BTW, my charity only added on the company status because they wanted to sell publications and were advised not to do this as a charity.

It was some years ago.

Kateykrunch Sun 13-Nov-22 10:03:18

Thankyou for the info, its really helpful.