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User7777 Wed 25-Jan-23 16:18:42

That made me remember work life. Amazon timed workers toilet breaks. It's not new. I worked for BT once and we were timed on toilet breaks. I went quickly for a pee and was told I hadn't gone as I took two minutes. Beggars belief amazon timing workers as well. Do you know any other companies that do this.....

biglouis Thu 26-Jan-23 01:19:21

I used to work in a call center where one team leader was really hot on this. She told you off if she thought you had taken too long. The problem was that some of the staff took the p$$$ by making a toilet break into an extra smoking break. Thats why she was so vigilent.

I worked for another one where the manager was much more lax. You had a 15 minute break and then the smokers went parading off to the loo for another break later on. I thought this was unfair so when they had all returned I took myself off for a (supposed) loo break of approximately the same length of time. The manager knew I was a non smoker and Im sure he noticed. However he never mentioned it.

nanna8 Thu 26-Jan-23 01:21:15

Well I was the CEO and I wouldn’t dream of timing anyone. For goodness sake. I trusted my staff.

FannyCornforth Thu 26-Jan-23 08:00:14

What if you’ve got IBS?
Or period problems?
It can’t be right can it?

ExperiencedNotOld Thu 26-Jan-23 09:20:57

It’ll be an experience of just one too many taking the pee (ha!) that’ll have made this manager be like this. And people do. I know of someone that has years of practice in time wasting but has refined her skill to always be walking about with a pile of paper ‘just checking’ detail. We can see it and wonder why HER manager can’t.

Georgesgran Thu 26-Jan-23 09:39:47

I worked for the LA in the early ‘70s’ at County Hall and we had a signing in book. Our (little Hitler) office manager would draw a line under the last name at spot on 8.30, even if she could see staff on their way in. I fell foul of this several times, only by a few minutes and was sent for by a bigger Hitler - their own sense of importance was staggering! However, when I explained that I got a lift in with the then Director of Social Services and was at his mercy timewise, they were in complete awe and both changed their tune and I was never spoken to about it again. I should explain that The Directors car park was near a senior entrance and special lift which I wasn’t allowed to use, so I had to run from the car park to the main staff/public entrance which was responsible for those extra few minutes. The book really was a joke, because the whole office was female and we spent the first 15 minutes of every day chatting, hair combing, checking make-up and one girl would pluck the odd eyebrow hair!!
Happy days though in general.