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Worries about failing probation review

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POW1 Thu 23-Feb-23 04:01:15

I’m in a quandary. I started a permanent job about 5 months ago, and think I made a big mistake. The company appears to be in financial difficulties and my work has recently stalled, waiting for Executive decisions. Loads of people are leaving and morale in my team is really low. Out of the blue my manager called a supervision meeting and questioned my performance. They have insisted that I take all leave owing to me by the end of the financial year and have now brought my final probation review forward ahead of my leave. I’m worried that I am going to fail my probation review. I have started looking for another job, but won’t have found one before the review in two weeks time. Should I hand my notice in straight away, or wait to hear the outcome of the review? In all the years I’ve worked, I’ve never been in the situation of having a poor performance review, and this has made me feel quite sick with anxiety. I’m finding it really hard to keep a positive outlook for the staff I manage and am dreading the final review. I tried to discuss this with my manager but they said that I need to display more confidence in the role. My gut tells me I’m for the chop!

Nannytopsy Thu 23-Feb-23 05:16:12

Are you in a union? You sound as if you have been put in this position because of management decisions.

Nannytopsy Thu 23-Feb-23 05:18:36

This could be constructive dismissal.

NotSpaghetti Thu 23-Feb-23 06:48:12

I would try to move your review to its proper place. You shouldn't really have your final review earlier unless you are happy with it.
Once you are confirmed in post it's harder to be "got rid of".
And yes, I also think this could be constructive dismissal.
If, however they are going under, I don't know how you can get anything back from them. Someone else may know.

Good luck.

Aveline Thu 23-Feb-23 06:54:43

Apply for other jobs anyway as it doesn't sound like you're exactly happy in your current one. That way if the worst happens at least you've got some 'irons in the fire' and if you're not made redundant you could have a choice. Nothing to lose in applying for other jobs. Good luck.

M0nica Thu 23-Feb-23 19:59:39

They are using you to protect themselves and deflect blame.

Put down in writing what is happening, when it is happening, what is being said and why it is being said. If you have a union contact them immediately, although I suspect there is no union at your employers. make sure you have all the information your need for taking them to court on grounds of tdismissal.

In the meanwhile update your cv and get out on the job market. Here's to you getting a better job in every way.

biglouis Sat 18-Mar-23 15:53:06

You say this happened "out of the blue". If the manager was less than satisfied with your performance then s/he should have indicated this before now by calling you in for an informal discussion and outlining the procedure. In local government if I needed to mark a team member down in any aspect I had to show that we had already discussed the matter. This would include going over any issues which impeded the employee performance and giving them a set period to show improvement. There is also a requirement to ensure that they are given (or at least offered) support or training if appropriate. Companies who fail to follow a logical procedure are leaving themselves open to accusations of harassment/unfair dismissal/constructive dismissal depending upon the circumstances.

Germanshepherdsmum Sat 18-Mar-23 16:37:09

Wait for the outcome of the review. You’re making assumptions about what will happen. And never voluntarily leave a job without having another to go to.