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Five ways your life changes when you become a grandparent

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Who doesn't love the way that grandchildren frequently turn life on its head in the most exhausting and exhilarating ways? Despite its lineage, Harry and Meghan's baby will be no different. Your grandchildren are different from your own children, more precious than you'd ever anticipated, and just as life-changing. While Charles and Camilla have already experienced the joy of grandchildren, for Doria Ragland, its all about to unfold...


1. You enjoy all the love of parenthood...without the stress

"Grandparents treat their grandchildren like VIPs - they love them like parents do, but have more time and patience because they don't have to do all of the stressful parts."



2. You see your own children in a new light

mother, daughter and baby

"The biggest pleasure for me is watching my daughter grow into an amazing mother. She hasn't done everything the way I would have, but it works for them, and there is more than a tinge of self-satisfaction when she starts talking about the perils of unhealthy eating, or how the baby needs love, not new things. I never thought my values would sink in so well!"



3. You become the font of all knowledge

Q: "What are the words to the Teddy Bears' Picnic?"

A: "Page the oracle... Grandma!"

"We were walking last weekend and I was telling them the names of wild flowers. I was asked if I had a song about violets...and I did."



4. You rediscover your childhood


"You enjoy carefree and silly activities that you never did as a busy parent, but now have the time and the devil-may-care attitude to enjoy them with your grandchildren."



5. The immeasurable joy of grandparenthood

"There is nothing, nothing, in the world to melt your heart as much as the smile on your grandchild's face as you enter the room."

"I was totally unprepared for the overwhelming feeling of joy holding my first grandchild a few hours after she was born eight years ago. I thought my knees would buckle. I think it was the best moment of my life."


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