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Everything you need to know about pensions


Pensions, pensions, pensions...we're bombarded with information, most of which is confusing and contradictory a lot of the time.

To help you cut your way through the jungle, take a look at our pension guide, with useful links to the latest information on changes to the State Pension, what you can expect from it, planning for retirement, making contributions and financial advice.  


Recent changes to pensions

The new State Pension - all you need to know about the changes to pensions from 6 April 2016.

A new State Pension myth-buster - find the truth behind the myths. 

Your State Pension - how the new scheme might affect you and what this means for you.

My State Pension - current State Pension recipients won't be affected by the new scheme.

Pensions Latest blog - explains everything from how the new system works to how to check your Pension online.

Plan your retirement income - an overview of different types of pensions and benefits.


Planning for retirement

State Pension - the ins and outs.

Workplace and personal pensions - in detail.

Unbiased advice - find an independent financial adviser who can help you organise your pension or savings.

Topping up National Insurance contributions - should you top them up? If the answer is yes…

Guide to how to pay contributions - here's a guide to how and when to pay your contributions.

NHS pensions advice - work for the NHS? Use these calculators to choose between the two sections of the NHS Pension Scheme.


About to retire

Government advice - early retirement and your pension.

Trace a lost pension scheme - lost details of an old pension scheme? Trace it online with the Pension Service.

Money Advice Service - action plans for your retirement finances.


Once you're retired

Pensions Service - find your pension centre so you can get in contact. 


Forms and leaflets 

Department of Work and Pensions: how to obtain leaflets and forms - download important forms to apply for and claim pensions and other payments, or call the DWP to receieve copies by post. 











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