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5 top tips to start writing at any age

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Writing can start at any age for anyone. Sometimes it's about waiting for life to catch up and give you the opportunity, and sometimes it's about taking life by the horns and making it work for you. But no matter how and when, there is only one guaranteed method of success; you write, you submit. You can write the most wonderful, heartbreaking, beautifully evocative story known to man, but if you don't have the courage, the determination and the sheer audacity to send it to someone, it won't see the light of day.

So as you work up to hitting 'send' on that precious manuscript of yours, here are some essential writing tips from bestselling author Lynne Graham to give you a little push in the right direction.


1. Writing takes immense courage 

Courage to make the first step, courage to pick yourself up from the floor after your first rejection, courage to listen to good advice and throw out half of the story if need be, and courage to rewrite. But remember, if it wasn't so hard to achieve, it wouldn't feel so good when you make it!


2. Sometimes writing can be a lonely occupation

So join writing groups, join discussions and communities, read blogs, read shared experiences and share yours. We're out there waiting to hear you, so speak up and put those words on a page! The friends that encourage and support you through this and the family members who understand that writing really is a full time job are worth their weight in gold.


3. Find what works for you

This means trying out different ways of working until it 'clicks'. Some authors take the characters and simply start writing. Some love plotting, working out the twists and turns of a story before they can put pen to page. But also know that sometimes, no matter what your process, your characters will surprise you – and the unexpected isn't always bad!


4. Always keep your eyes open, you never know where you’ll find inspiration

Pintrest is absolutely wonderful. It's amazing to be able to pull all the beautiful images that suit your story in one place and for people to access it and see them too is just fabulous.


5. A good editor is invaluable

No matter how much hard work, research, love and passion you pour onto the page, to truly know how it reads you need an editor. There are friends and family out there who will read your work, encourage you and give you feedback. And though they mean well, they might not necessarily be the best placed to give you feedback that is supportive and creative, or even relevant to the genre and industry. Find a good editor and stick to them like glue!

Lynne Graham

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Lynne Graham is a bestselling Mills & Boon author and has sold over 35 million books worldwide. She is currently celebrating the publication of her 100th book, Bought for the Greek's Revenge, an amazing achievement by anyone's standards. Lynne is from Northern Ireland and lives there with her husband and five children, four of whom were adopted from Sri Lanka and Guatemala.











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