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Matilda's Cat - Emily Gravett

Matilda's catMatilda's cat must like something. But what?

Meet Matilda and her beloved cat! Matilda likes to play and so embarks on lots of activities that she is sure her cat will love too, such as climbing trees, having tea, playing with wool... but her cat doesn't seem very enthusiastic.

Unfazed, Matilda continues to find some fun things to do, with her cat of course, such as dressing up and going on a bike ride. Matilda's cat is still not impressed and Matilda is getting frustrated. After all, what good is a pet if it doesn't want to play?

Matilda's Cat is a funny and insightful tale about the relationship between a little girl and her cat which is sure to strike a chord with all young pet owners and cat lovers. Perfect for children with pets, this book is a pleasure to read with its beautiful and highly original illustrations by an exceptionally talented author/illustrator.

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Emily Gravett is twice winner of the Kate Greenaway Medal and the Nestlé Children's Book Prize Bronze Award for Wolves and Little Mouse's Big Book of Fears. As an author and illustrator she has a host of other critically acclaimed books to her name, including Blue Chameleon, Wolf Won't Bite! and Again!


Emily lives in Brighton with her partner, daughter and the family dogs.

Unfortunately all of the free copies of Matilda's Cat have now gone. You can still buy it on Amazon.