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Florentine and Pig Have a Very Lovely Picnic - Eva Katzler

Florentine and PigTwo best friends + lots of fun in the kitchen = one perfectly delightful sunny picnic!

Meet Florentine (clever and organised) and her friend Pig (small but adventurous) in their very first adventure, Florentine and Pig Have a Very Lovely Picnic. Join in the excitement as they whip up a fantastic feast. But first, where WILL they find the apples they need to make their favourite muffins? Luckily, Pig has a good idea...

This delightful book helps to educate children to understand how important good food is and includes recipes and more from the story so you can have a picnic of your own, just like Florentine and Pig! 

Author Eva Katzler is a successful singer-songwriter and created Florentine and Pig after working in summer camps with children of all ages and realising that many had forgotten - or never known - the simple pleasures of getting a little messy with their hands. So she devised the characters as a way of encouraging children (and adults) to rediscover the joys of making things together and hopes that the characters will inspire an interest in cooking and eating healthily.

Jess Mikhail is the talented young illustrator whose quirky, stylish artwork brings Florentine and Pig to life. Jess graduated from Loughborough University in 2002 and has illustrated books for well-known authors such as Giles Andreae, Julia Donaldson and Jeanne Willis. Jess loves to draw and create funny characters that make people smile. She works in mixed media by scanning fabrics, scribbling, blobbing, mono-printing and photographing.

There are more tasty recipes and arty crafts on the Florentine and Pig website and you can download their free Very Lovely Party Pack to create the perfect party with your little one too. Fans can also follow the duo on Facebook: Florentine and Pig and twitter: @Florentine_Pig and watch a "tremendously terrific" trailer introducing this delightful duo. 

Unfortunately all the free copies of this book have now been given away. You can get hold of a copy on Amazon.

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