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If you could turn back time - the things we regret


What is life with no regrets? We asked our users if they'd ever done - or not done - anything they still regretted. They rose to the challenge and shared the deeds they'd like to do over. In some cases it was just a matter of bad luck, or fear of crowds, but even the regrets that had life-changing consequences are used as entertainment for the grandchildren. Here are a few who might do it differently if they had the chance...


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1. The teen who wasn’t just one of the crowd


“I didn’t go to the Beatles concert in my town in 1963. I missed the beginning of Beatle Mania because I didn't like crowds!” 


2. The one who changed her life

career woman

"I went into nursing because my parents wanted me to and 23 years later I changed careers and really enjoyed the latter part of my working life. Regretting is so negative, so I don’t regret those years, I learnt a lot.” 


3. The gran with a lot to chew on


“I regret not inheriting strong teeth!” 


4. The collector who was snowbound by too much stuff


“I regret not sorting out all my crap treasures last year so I could sell up and move into the city - as a result I found myself snowed in twice this winter!” 


5. The one who learned to trust herself

runaway bride

“I regret not having enough confidence to listen to my inner self. Husband number two would’ve been left at the altar! I now talk to myself when I need expert advice!!” 


6. The gran who went too far the other way

went too far

“Being quick to jump and making assumptions has left me eating 'humble pie'.”


7. The one with a fast car

fast car

“I wish I had kept on driving and not stopped and turned back.” 


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8. The one with no regrets, just funny stories

funny stories 

 “Well - I could have loads of regrets, but what's the point? The things I did or said all taught me lessons, and I think it is how you view the past, which is more important. Have a laugh over them, lighten up and let yourselves off the hook, and make the regrets into funny stories you tell the grandkids.”










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