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Rose garden: beautiful flowers

rose garden

There’s a rose for every garden, so wide is the choice. If you want a garden full of gorgeously scented blooms this summer, here's how to grow roses...

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Fragrant roses

If you like sitting on your patio at the end of a long day (or even the beginning of one) you could consider planting some very fragrant roses. 'Fragrant Cloud', with its warm reddish-pink colour and old-fashioned-tea-rose scent, is a fantastic choice. 'Gertrude Jekyll', ever popular for its fabulous fragrance, also has beautiful clear pink spiralling buds, which flower for a long time.


Maximum flowering time

Look out for 'repeat flowerers', which burst into bud more than once a year. Perfect for those who love a garden full of colour and life.  Rose care might sound complicated, but with good watering, sunlight and appropriate pruning it is possible to maintain a beautiful rose garden. 

rose care


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Enthusiastic climbers

If you’ve got the space, 'Kiftsgate', with its white puffs, can be found in lots of amazing National Trust properties. This rose is perfect if you have a large building you want to hide. On a more domestic scale, many shrub roses have a climbing form such as the 'Climbing Cecile Brunner'. With its pretty, pale pink flowers, smooth stems and masses of hips its a true garden charmer.


Small garden ideas

If you have a smaller garden, or just a doorstep pot, patio flowers are lovely and plentiful. Dinky little patio roses often have single flowers, with a yellow eye – looking quite unrose-like, and a little cheeky. They don’t grow very high, which makes them excellent ground cover.


Thornless roses

The zingy bright pink 'Zephirine Drouhin' is a century-old fragrant rose with remarkably smooth stems. Very versatile, it can grow as a shrub, over an arch, or up a wall. Another thornless rose is the Banksiae 'Lutea' with its masses of primrose yellow flowers.

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