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15 kitchen gadgets to get excited about

woman in kitchen

When it comes to handy gadgets for the home, especially those that save precious time, we have to admit it - we're curious. And while we're on the subject, it's not just time-saving, it's all those little inconvenient parts of cooking that we could frankly do without. After all, how many times have you shed tear after tear whilst chopping onions? We're guessing, like us, quite a few. Fortunately, many little ingenious devices have been invented to our rescue - and when it comes to their kitchen, gransnetters are in the know. From useful investment pieces to novelty gadgets (talk about an excellent present for the amateur cook who has everything), we've rounded up 15 great kitchen aids that make life a whole lot easier. 


1. Spill the beans

bean slicer  

Krisk Bean Stringer, £5.87, Amazon

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2. The apple gadget

apple slicer 

OXO Good Grips Pop Out Apple Divider, £12, John Lewis 

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3. Mix it up    

lakeland mixer 

Pistaschio KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer, £549.99, Lakeland

Okay, it's not strictly a 'gadget', but it's so pretty that we couldn't resist including it. The various attachments and widely-renowned quality make this a great investment.

"I'm sure if I had one of those KitchenAid food processors you see on Bake Off it would be my favourite." 

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4. The party piece

 strawberry remover   

Strawberry Fruit Corer Kitchen Tool, £2.47, Amazon

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5. For pineapple lovers

pineapple cutter 

Statko® Stainless Steel Pineapple Slicer, Peeler and Corer, £9.97, Amazon

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6. No more tears

onion holder 

Onion Holder and Slicer Gadget, £5.47, Amazon

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7. For the baker

   cake release spray

Cake Release Spray, £4.49, Lakeland

Spray this stuff on your cake pan before the batter goes in and it'll come out smooth and whole every time.

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8. Easy as 'can do'

can opener  

Joseph Joseph Can Do Can Opener, £16, John Lewis

Pocket-sized and palm-friendly, this gadget makes opening your baked beans a walk in the park. 

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9. The timesaver  

mandoline slicer  

Mandoline Food Slicer, £19.98, Amazon

Makes short work of slicing your five-a-day any way you please. The changeable blades mean you can vary the shape and thickness of your diced fruit and veg to get the result you want. Perfect!

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10. Garlic on wheels

garlic gadget 

Chef'n Garliczoom Garlic Chopper Wheel, £14.98, Amazon

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11. Rings true to us

magipull can opener 

MagiPull Tin Can Ring Pull Opener, £3.79, Lakeland

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12. The Rolls-Royce of kitchen gadgets

garlic peeling tube   

Coco Digital Green Silicone Garlic Peeling Tube, £1.58, Amazon

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13. Egg the way

egg gadget  

Kitchen Craft Egg Pricker, £1.49, Amazon

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14. No more stones in your path


olive pitter 

OXO Good Grips Cherry and Olive Stoner, £7.99, Lakeland

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15. The kitchen key you need

jar key  

Jarkey Screw Top Jar Opener, £3.99, Lakeland


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Please note, price correct as of 16/11/16.  


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