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The best glasses for face shape, hair colour and style

glasses for face shape

Ever wondered if you've got the best glasses for your face shape? It's true that for most of us specs are a functional necessity, but they have also become a key fashion statement regardless of age. Better still, because the variety of styles has increased so much over the years, we now have an ever greater range of options to choose from. So how do you go about picking the most flattering pair? We've put together a guide to help you find the best glasses for face shape, hair colour and style. 


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Best glasses for your face shape

To help you figure out what kind of glasses will look most flattering, here is a brief overview of the different types of facial shapes and the frames that will compliment them the most. 

Round-shaped faces

If you have a round face, you can create more definition by wearing rectangular or square-shaped frames. 

Diamond or heart-shaped faces

If you have a diamond or heart-shaped face, you can wear many different styles from oval to deeper squares. You'll also really suit vintage cat's eye styles.

Tip: Make sure the cat's eye frames are as wide as, or very slightly wider than, the width of your eyeline. This way the frame will flatter the face rather than causing it to look too small.

Square-shaped faces

If you have a square-shaped face, you can soften the appearance of angles by wearing rounded or oval frames.


Oval-shaped faces

You're lucky. You can wear most frame shapes, from rectangular to square to oval. However, if you have some softened features you may want to add an extra angle effect by wearing a rectangular frame. If you have a longer face, you may find that deeper, squarer shapes will suit you. If you have angular features, you can soften them by wearing a rounded or oval frame. 

best glasses for face shape

Tips for choosing glasses 

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Complimenting hair colour and style 

A pair of glasses can be a great way to highlight colour in your hair. Black frames look great against jet-black or very dark hair. However, they can make a real statement against white blonde locks too. Tortoiseshell, red, amber and brown frames can look good with all kinds of hair.

Hairstyle, however, is more important. A pair of cat’s eye frames will work well with short crops. Fringes look great with square or rectangular frames.

glasses style


Eyebrows are important to consider when it comes to frame styling. You can subtly follow the shape of the browline to flatter the face and you should always aim to have the top line of the frame sitting exactly halfway between your upper lashes and your eyebrows. If you have uneven eyebrows, try a thicker, acetate plastic frame, which will distract from this, as well as any other blemishes or an uneven complexion.

glasses and eyebrows

Complimenting eye colour

If you want to illuminate your eyes, choose a colour of frame that will compliment them.

Green eyes

Blue and purple colours can also compliment green eyes. Green frames with green eyes will obviously work well. Tortoiseshell, brown and caramel colours will especially be flattering to people with green eyes. 

Brown or hazel eyes

These can look great with deep, rich browns and tortoiseshell colours. They can also work well with jet-black frames, which will emphasise the pupils and therefore make the eyes appear to be bigger than they are.

Blue eyes

To illuminate blue eyes, wear a frame with blue undertones: purple, deep pinks, burgundy, rich reds and blues are good choices. 

glasses and eye colour

What size should glasses be? 

Too narrow?

The sides should not be squeezing or pressing on your temples at all. The bottom corners of the front of the frame should not be too narrow (this also won't flatter your face). 


Too wide?

The frame shouldn't show large gaps when you turn your head. This will be distorted even more when the frame is glazed with a prescription. If a frame is ever so slightly larger than the width of face (from temple to temple), it can be very flattering.

You can find a range of different glasses on the Specsavers website. Similiar styles are also available at a variety of high street opticians.  


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