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The Gransnet guide to bikini lines


It all started when bonji, imminently heading off on holiday, asked "Not a lot of time left to book any treatments, so can anyone help with the best home method to deal with the bikini line?"

Always eager to help, several gransnetters jumped in with advice aplenty for creating a fuzz-free, err, environment ahead of her jollies. We've rounded them up to give you a quick overview of your options if you too are heading off to sunnier climes. Or the paddling pool in the garden.


Probably the most popular option among gransnetters, and often the easiest, especially if you're short on time. As tanith says: "I wear a one-piece, but in the dim and distant past shaving was my method. It was just too much faff with creams and such."

With that in mind, here are a couple of bikini-specific shaving implements to <ahem> smooth your way:

bikini razors

From left to right: 

Wilkinson Sword Quattro for Women Bikini Razor, £5.48, Superdrugs.

BIC Soleil Scent disposable razors, £3.69, Superdrugs.

Philips Bikini Genie, £24.95, John Lewis.


"You could try waxing. It works - but you need courage! Lots of courage!" NfkDumpling 

Take an Ibuprofen or two 20 minutes before your appointment and gird your loins. It may not be particularly pleasant, but waxing is very effective when done by a professional. Alternatively, "tuck it in or plait if really long", Teetime suggests.

The Gransnet waxing glossary

  • Basic bikini - "All present and correct. Bikini on, ready for the pool."
  • Brazilian (a.k.a the 'landing strip') - "Ay caramba, you want me to hold what? Well, what fo- OH."
  • Hollywood - "It's...all gone. Everything's just...gone." <faints>
  • Vajazzle - "Well, I'm glittering like a Strictly disco ball, but I'm not sure I'm going to be winning any trophies."
  • Shaping - "If Minnie Mouse did bikini waxes..." 

Hair removal cream

"I found Veet Sensitive for the bikini line gave a very good result - but takes practice." ffinnochio

Hair removal creams are less dicey than razors, simply because there are no sharp edges involved. Slather it on, then take it <all> off with the plastic spatula. Et voila! A smooth bikini line. You could also try a hair inhibiting, or ingrown hair-preventing cream after using any of these hair removal methods.

hair removal creams

From left to right:

Veet spray on hair removal cream with aloe vera & vitamin E for sensitive skin, £3.95, Superdrugs. 

Nad's natural hair removal gel, £8.9, Amazon.

Inhibitif advanced hair free serum, £18, Look Fantastic.

Why stop there?

betty beauty...when there are products like Black Betty Hair Dye, £19.99 (yes, that hair dye) on the market? Happily, the versatile stuff promises to lighten even the darkest hair, and men can safely use it on their chest hair (have fun trying to persuade the OH to give that a go).

There's even a range of sprightly colours, including an aqua blue, a lilac and a lovely pink hue if you're feeling adventurous. Lends new meaning to the word "surprise!" eh? 



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