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Top beauty supplements

Dark circles under your eyes? Uneven skin tone? What if one magic pill could erase (ok, improve) all manner of sins? Give your super virtuous diet plan <hides biscuit tin> a boost with one of these super supplements which are guaranteed to make skin glow, hair shine, and eyes gleam... 


Hydrolysed Collagen Caplets
, Holland and Barrett, £25.25
Made up of amnio acids, these tablets aid the re-building of collagen in the body, helping to freshen up and awaken tired skin. 



Colladeen Visage
, Nature's Best, £15.95
Containing green tea extract and antioxidants, this supplement is an easy way to help purify your skin. Lutein, another key ingredient, protects it from the damaging effects of the sun - bonus!  


 eye health

Macushield Gold
, Boots, £29.99
If your eyes could do with a bit of TLC, this supplement (which contains three macular pigments), is just what you need. It works to repair and protect the eyes from cell damage and in turn makes them bright and beautiful.

omega 3

Face Gym skin omegas + skincare supplement
, Selfridges, £31
Give your face a workout without actually lifting a finger. This supplement will boost your omega intake, giving you healthy, glowing skin. 



Imedeen Time Perfection
, My Vitamins, £79.99
Containing fish proteins, this tablet can help to reduce fine lines and wrinkes, AND protect skin cells from oxidative stress. 


Evelle for Skin, Hair & Nails
, Multivits, £34.95
Not only will this supplement increase your vitamin C intake, but it also contains organic selenium yeast which helps to maintain skin, hair and nails as well as improve the elasticity of your skin. 

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