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From summer to winter: transition your wardrobe

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Still in your sundress or reaching for woolier cardies? As we reach the awkward period between summer and autumn, here's how to transition your wardrobe so you're always prepared for those days when the weather really can't make up its mind. 


1. Going shopping? Buy clothes you can wear year-round 

"I do buy some new clothes but they tend to be good quality classics that I can be sure will last and will be a good fit."

If you need to replace older clothes or stock up on new autumn essentials, make sure you get your money's worth by buying classic pieces that you'll be able to wear season after season. Lighter dresses are great, as you can layer them up with tights and boots for the colder months, or wear with sandals in warmer weather.

Shirts are perfect to stave off the chill in early autumn without being too hot, and a comfortable pair of flats can, likewise, be worn with pop socks and cropped trousers when it's warmer, and tights when you don't fancy baring your ankles to the cold winter winds!


Hobbs autumn dress ASOS loafers
Hobbs mono print wrap dress Marine suede tassel loafers

Wear with sandals in summer and tights and cardi in winter.

Autumn, winter, spring... These will see you through them all.

Buy: £89, John Lewis

Buy: £30, ASOS



2. Choose light layers

"In these days of central heating, a summer dress over thick tights or leggings, topped with a jumper can be very practical."

"Boden do lovely long sleeved t-shirts. The cotton is nice and thick and they don't lose colour in the wash. I like the scoop neckline too."

If you're prone to overheating in proper winter gear, layers are your friend. Add some jumpers, tights and thin jackets to your summer wardrobe, et voila! You're ready for autumn. Best to pack away those hotpants though.


Boden long sleeve top LK Bennet wrap
Supersoft scoop tee L.K Bennett Cecily ribbed wrap

Not too clingy and thin enough to layer up when needed.

Soft, flowing and airy for days when the weather can't make up its mind!

Buy: £26.50, Boden

Buy: £165, John Lewis



3. Try a gilet for lightweight warmth

"I love gilets and I have several. They are comfortable and useful."

If you're not ready for a big winter coat, but are feeling a little nip in the air, try a gilet. There are some lovely bright colours around and they range from heavier down options to ones that are thin enough to roll up and pop in your handbag!


Joules gilet
Merriton dark pink gilet Georgie gilet

"Ideal when there's a nip in the air or the suspicion of rain."

You can't go wrong with navy. This one is quilted and on the warmer side.

Buy: £49.95, Joules

Buy: £99, Phase Eight


Fifty Plus gilet
Ultra lightweight down vest Quilted gilet

All the warmth, without the bulk.

Good value and slightly longer length.

Buy: £39, Uniqlo

Buy: £30, Fifty Plus



4. Have a clear out

"I will have a clear out in autumn and throw out (charity shop) anything that I have hardly worn. The other thing is jackets: I am a compulsive jacket buyer, and then hardly wear the things!"

Unless you're a minimalist with no unwanted, unworn or incorrectly sized items hanging about, you will probably need to free up some wardrobe space in order to assess what you need, so... stop procrastinating and get chucking. Try the Marie Kondo method for decluttering your life (and your wardrobe!).

You could also make some money at the same time, by using eBay (take a look at our guide to getting started):

"If I've gone off an item, got it wrong, or it doesn't fit as it should, I sell it on eBay. I've had some surprisingly beneficial profits from selling. I bought a practically new Phase Eight long cardigan for £5 on eBay, but it wasn't right for me, so I put it on eBay and got £41. By using eBay I have really thinned out my wardrobe, shoes, accessories. Coat hangers can actually move on the rails."



5. Tips for storage

"I've taken to keeping my 'best' woollies in ziplock plastic bags. I had found little holes in a not-too-precious cashmere jumper, so didn't want it to happen to really nice ones."

Beware of moths! They go for natural fibres, so check any cotton, linen, silk etc. for tell-tale holes. Try these tips for eliminating them and their larvae - which actually do the damage when they hatch into your nicely organised drawers <yuck>  

Any summer clothes that definitely won't work as transitional pieces (think swimsuits, summer sandals, beach/maxi dresses and shorts) can be packed away out of sight during the miserable chilly colder months, under beds, in the loft - wherever you have space! Use vacuum-packing bags, or plastic clothes bags to keep them from any damage. 


vacuum storage bags Zensect mothballs
SpaceMax jumbo vacuum storage bags Zensect Bouchard mothproofer balls

Pack all your summery togs in this, squish it down by vacuuming and stuff it under the bed until next year.

Protect your woolies with good old mothballs...so that you still have some woolies come autumn.

Buy: £14.99, Amazon

Buy: £2, Amazon


Have you got a great tip for transitioning your wardrobe from summer to winter? Tell us here!

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