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Apps for grandparents

Apps for grandparents

While we understand the importance of getting the grandkids outside and into the fresh air, the latest technology and the latest apps means that grandparent and grandchild interaction has reached new heights. Whether you're a grandparent who takes care of the little ones once or twice a week and is looking for inventive ways to keep them entertained, or a long-distance grandparent who relies on technology to stay in touch, we've got you covered with the best apps for grandparents.


Story Patch

Story Patch


Great for boosting creativity amongst the wee ones, but also a challenge that you and the pint-sized writer of your family can do together. The app allows children to create their own themed tale, paired with a choice of over 800 illustrations.



Ancestry app

 iPad, iPhone, Android

Ever wanted to explore your family tree? Find out more about your heritage? Share stories with your grandchildren? This app is ideal for doing all three.



JBaby Grandparents Frame

JBaby app

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Perfect for grandparents who want nothing more than to be involved in every step of their grandchild's development. It does require a WIFI frame to work, but this can be bought from an electronic store.



Zero to Three - Let's Play

Zero to Three app

 iPad, iPhone, Android

With a little help during play time, anything is possible. The app features "boredom busters" and provides fun ideas categorised specifically by age group. Particularly useful when looking after babies or toddlers.


Little Peanut on the Go

Little Peanut on the Go app

 iPad, iPhone, Android

Ideal for parents who want to stay well-connected to their caregivers and children whilst away. It allows them to share schedules with you if you're in charge of the grandchildren and it may just give them some peace of mind if they're leaving their children for the first time.


Toilet Finder

Toilet Finder app

 iPad, iPhone, Android

Especially useful when you happen to find yourself in a sticky spot (after your grandchild has alerted you to their predicament at the last minute, of course). Through 'sat nav' signals, your phone or tablet tracks the nearest loo to your current location. A potential life-saver when you're out and about.

"I've found this to be an invaluable aid. Not only does it pinpoint you to where the loos can be found, but it acts like a 'sat nav' and as you walk along, guiding you to the toilet." Angelwispa


Drawing with Carl

Drawing with Carl app

iPad, iPhone

Perfect for an afternoon of creative interaction with your grandchild. All pictures can be shared between devices so that you can treasure them forever more.




Kik app

iPad, iPhone, Android 

A quick and easy app that allows you to send instant (and free!) messages to other mobile devices. Fantastic for communicating with older grandchildren.


 "Two of my grandchildren live abroad and we use Kik to send free messages to each other." GrannyTunnocks


myConvert Lite

myConvert Lite

iPad, iPhone 

With the facility to convert between mass or weight, distance, time and temperature, as well as common currencies, you'll never need to fiddle around with your calculator again. Particularly useful if baking with the grandchildren is a frequent and favourite activity of yours.



Skype app

iPad, iPhone, Android 

The beauty of Skype is that it allows you to phone anywhere in the world via your wireless Internet connection for free! The vast majority of smart phones and tablets come with a built-in camera, which means that a call with your grandchildren may, in fact, feel like they are in the very same room! 











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