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Technology solutions for living with dementia

Supported by The Alzheimer's Society, Dementia Awareness Week aims to raise money and awareness about the devastating condition which affects around 800,000 people across the UK. To mark Dementia Awareness week we've put together a selection of gadgets that can be of help to those affected...


From left to right 

Simple One-Button Retro AM/FM Analogue Radio, £54.99, AlzProducts.co.uk. This retro AM/FM radio can also play music through a phone, USB or any other compatible device. Switching it on and off is made easy by pressing the large button at the top. The radio can be tuned and turned up or down using the simplified control dials. 

Floating Bath Thermometer Clock, £11.26, Mobility Choices. Ensure bathroom saftey with this clever thermometer that also doubles as a clock. A flash warning goes off if the water gets hotter than the pre-set temperature, which can be displayed in farenheit or celcius.  

remote and locater

From left to right

HandleEasy remote control, £16.50, Amazon. Featuring large buttons and an easy to hold design, this simplified remote is missing all the unessecerry and confusing buttons of a modern remote control.

Loc8tor plus pack, £99.99, Amazon. This clever device is perfect for helping a loved one keep tabs on important items. It works up to 122 meters away and has both an alert and locate mode. In locate mode it can guide them to their misplaced item using audio and visual promts. In alert mode it will warn if any tagged items wander outside of their user-set boundary.  


From left to right 

Weekly pill dispenser and reminder
, healthandcare.co.uk, £64.99. This automatic and locakable device releases daily medication at it's pre-set time, so you can be confident that your loved one is taking the correct medication at the correct time of day.

Two way intercom system
, Maplin, £14.99. This handy system can allow speech between two locations in the house. Alternativley, keep one outside the front door to enable communication before letting visitors inside. 


From left to right:

Photo button telephone
, £24.99, AlzProducts.co.uk. Big buttons make dialling simple and photos allow easy recognition of friends and relatives. The reciever is also loud, and compatible with hearing aids. 

Digital Calendar Day Clock, £79.99, Spring Chicken. This clever clock is the perfect piece of technology for people living with dementia. It's bold display of the date, time and day can to help relieve stress and confusion.

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