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What no longer bothers you, now that you're older?

l'oreal logoThere are some undeniable bonuses to getting older, whether it's retirement, endless wisdom or the frankly amazing array of discounts and free stuff available (if in doubt, just check out the cost of a London to Brighton ticket when you're over 60).

We asked gransnetters to tell us about the little things - from big bums to frenemies - that they simply don't give a stuff about now that they're older. They didn't disappoint.



1. I took up cycling because I no longer care what people think about my big bum on a bike.

i don't care

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2. Last week I swept across a crowded pub to pick up a raffle prize... with my dress tucked into my knickers! A few years ago I would have been mortified. Not any more. Told 'em they were lucky it was cold and I had knickers on!

joey final 2

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3. I no longer worry about my fat legs. 

deal with it

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4. I'm no longer bothered about not being a size 10, so happily wear jeans, which I didn't do for years. It's very liberating.

mom jeans resized
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5. I have let my hair grow to below my shoulders. Convention always implied ladies of a certain age could not wear their hair long, but if it is in good condition - why not? So versatile. 

fabulous ariel

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 6. I gave up worrying; it's too much like a rocking horse - keeps you going and gets you nowhere. 

rocking panda  

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7. I no longer care about my enemies - all those people who said I would never make anything out of my life. I know I am a huge success: I have achieved everything I set out to do and I am still doing more! 

not friends

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8. I've become a risk-taking activist and I'm not afraid to be different if I think it's the right thing to do.

 won't be silenced 

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