Lamb dahl recipe

Lamb dahl recipe from twinklepickers

egg free nut free kids can help can make in advance ok to freeze slow cooker low fat
Category Meat recipes
Serves4-6 depending on if they are gannets or sparrows.
Prep time15 mins
Cook time7 hours

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100g green dried lentils
500g lamb (any cut - cheap as you like, it doesn't matter)
1 onion
1 tbsp curry paste (we like the the pasanda ones)
1 tbsp veg oil
1 tbsp mango chutney

Handy Hint

This really gets better the longer it's cooked for and is a six hour MINIMUM cook but it's amazing and can be frozen. Works with chicken too. Ideal low GI food. Very filling, quite healthy too.


1. Chop onions and meat and fry in the veg oil till browned.
2. Chuck in slow cooker.
3. Stir in the curry paste.
4. Add enough water to cover the meat.
5. Add lentils.
6. Cook for six hours.
7. Add mango chutney.
8. Cook for a bit longer.

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From: Santababy on Fri 29-Jan-16 20:43:20 Overall rating: 0.0
Just "chucked" this in the slow cooker. LOVE the lack of prissy language on this. Will let it cook overnight and report back!
From: twinklepickers on Thu 09-Jun-11 20:12:44 Overall rating: 0.0