Blackberry and crabapple jelly recipe

Blackberry and crabapple jelly recipe from Yayapat

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Blackberry jam is notoriously hard to set so I add crabapples.

Quantities and proportions of each fruit don't seem to matter!
You need 454g (1lb) of sugar for every pint of juice.

Handy Hint

This delicious dark red jelly is clear of pips and skins and popular with everyone!


1. First cook the crabapples in a large pot with some water until pulpy, helping them along with a good bash from a potato masher.
2. Then add the blackberries and continue to cook till they have all disintegrated.
3. Strain, as in the damson and apple jam recipe, and measure the resultant juice.
4. Boil the juice with the sugar - a pint (470ml) of juice to a pound (454g) of sugar -and pour into hot, clean jars. (You can work out how many jars you need by adding up - e.g. 2 pints (940ml) of juice plus 2 lbs (900g) of sugar should make 4 pounds (1.8kg) of jelly).

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