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Handy Hint

Sloes grow on the VERY SHARP-THORNED quickthorn tree, which is about the same size as hawthorn, but has smallish round leaves and beautiful small white flowers in spring. The fruit is like a tiny plum, the size of a blueberry, purple with a bloom and very bitter. It should be ripe in September/October.


You need a full bottle of gin and an empty one the same size. Pick your sloes when they are nice and purple, but before they become over-ripe and squishy.

1. Wash the sloes, put them in a bowl and pierce them to allow the juice out. The accepted method is to pierce each fruit with a darning needle, but I plunge a carving fork into the bowlful and pierce several at one go.
2. Pour the gin into a jug. Fill both empty bottles with fruit and sugar (approximately equal amounts or to taste) and top up with gin. If any gin is left over, drink it! Cap, shake well, and put away for a couple of months, shaking every week or so, or when you remember.

Should be ready in time for Christmas If you don't like sloes bobbing against your lips, pour it through a strainer into the glass.The longer you can leave it, the better it becomes. I have drunk it 5 years later, and it was delicious.

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